Saturday, May 8, 2010

Robert's New Sweater

Today was just a bit chilly in the morning, and wouldn't you know it, I've arranged to meet my boss on my front lawn to give her my timesheets. I took the opportunity to put Robert into the new sweater he got from a friend of my mom's. It's just absolutely adorable, and I only wish the weather were colder so I could put it on him more. I may get my wish, though today turned scorching fast, this weekend is supposed to be quite cool. In celebration of the adorable sweater, I went for another first and put his baby shoes on him. They are so cute, and just perfectly sized right at this moment. He didn't even get upset about wearing them. Robert was good through the whole meeting, and I got the new binder I was hoping for, so I have plenty of work for the next little bit.

Baby feeding was worse today, the milk situation is still not improving. Part of it is stress and dehydration, I think. I spent six and a half hours tromping around in the 85 degree weather to try and catch up to where I need to be on work, and though I finally remembered my water bottle, the heat and lack of car air conditioning meant that water was only somewhat helpful. But I did well, I only need four hours tomorrow, which is very doable, and I had a lot of success, unlike yesterday. The first day on a new binder is always the best, you get to pluck all the low-hanging fruit. Tomorrow I'll be working on sewing up the hard cases in my old binder and collecting folks I missed today in the new one. But anyway, it was hot and I got really tired, and Robert didn't want to nurse to help my supply when I got home, and I wound up pumping very little all day. I need to reorganize my schedule and get some set times to take all these supplements so I do not forget and they do not go in vain.

Oh, but the house is cleaner today, sort of. The toilet got clogged, and M called the maintenance guy. I freaked out because our house was too dirty for anyone to see, so we spent maybe fifteen or twenty minutes frantically cleaning the house to put it into presentable shape, and vacuuming. I think I've got something stuck inside the vacuum again, damn the luck, but it did well enough. Emergency cleaning isn't good cleaning, and involved tossing a lot of stuff into our bedroom, but the living room is decent and Robert's room is still clean after M cleaned it last weekend, so hey. I'll take it! As for the maintenance guy, he never showed, and I was eventually able to fix the toilet this evening after work.

Okay, I'm just as tired as tired can be, so I'm gonna pump one more time and hit the hay. Here's an extra bonus picture of shoes. Don't forget to check my Flickr stream for lots more pictures.

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  1. Hi. The sweater looks great. I will print out a pic for Kathie. He looks like such a little man, especially with the shoes! Are you still drinking your special tea? Wish I were there to make it for you.


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