Monday, May 3, 2010

Double Your Fun

I popped this up as a placeholder last night, and then did not end up actually making a post to go with it. But at least there was a Daily Robert! I'm going to cheat today by adding today's post onto it, because today I don't technically have a picture. I would, but I am too lazy to get it off my camera after all the fooling around with pictures I've already done this evening. But fear not! I have no pictures, but I have something better! Tonight, you get new videos! M and I took a bunch of videos this past couple of days, and I edited and popped two of them up on Vimeo for your amusement. One is Robert and his new Glo-Worm, and the other is a video for embarrassing Robert when he is older. I tell you what, I never worry anymore about whether I made the right expenditure in buying professional accounts on Vimeo and Flickr. Some weeks it doesn't get much use, but then there are weeks like this, when I'm just pouring on the MBs of pictures. 

Tomorrow we're taking Robert to the doctor, because I don't think he is gaining enough weight. He's such a shrimpy little guy, for all that he's always alert and usually not terribly fussy. He went from the fiftieth percentile to something like the fifth, though, so either he's got a monster metabolism or we've got a GIGO problem going on. Or rather, a NINO problem, where if nothing's going in, the baby ain't gonna get any bigger. The doctor will tell us if we have anything to worry about, and then I will feel better. I'd rather do it now than wait for another two weeks for his four month appointment. The last thing I want is to feel guilty about how we're feeding the baby _and_ feel guilty about shots, all in one appointment! I think if nothing else, I'm going to start feeding him the pumped bottle I make every night the next day, and defrost something frozen if we have an event that requires a bottle. I'd rather do that than supplement with formula if I can get away with it, but at this point, I am far more vitally interested in getting the baby fed than in whether he's still exclusively breastfeeding after fifteen weeks. 

Speaking of food, today I ate the Tuna Snacks. They were... ah, tuna-y. With balsamic vinegar, they came up to the level of adequacy. I don't think I'm going to be paying for a box of them anytime soon. "Looks like tofu, tastes like tuna!" does not describe a food product I imagine myself craving. I also found out that we have run out of jarred tomato sauce, a few months after I last stocked up with a whole flat of the stuff. Bummer! I had to pinch-hit, but luckily Wal-Mart had free tomato paste last month, so I have plenty of tomato product in the house. Our tortellini turned out just fine. 

I also got some more enumerating done today. I still have a long way to go to get even my minimum 20 hours this week, after losing almost all of Sunday, but I feel pretty good. I'm down to a quarter of the names I started with, so I should get a new neighborhood to work soon. Exciting, but a little nervousmaking as well. The more binders I finish, the further and further from home I'll end up working. I'm sure I'll be fine, but there's just that little concerned voice inside. On the other hand, I'm going out in daylight to residential areas in my home county, and being paid well to do it. I'll be fine. ;-) 

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