Monday, May 10, 2010

May the Coupons be With You

I'm trying to get to bed early tonight since tomorrow's going to be a long day, but  I wanted to at least post about couponing today. I didn't coupon hardly at all last week, too busy with Census stuff, and no really thrilling sales. But CVS this week was practically begging me to come out and play, and I had to oblige! Plus my register rewards at Walgreens expired today, so I needed to spend them. I did a triple-transaction at CVS with the very nice cashier, and did quite well for myself. Robert was a little testy because it was late by the time we got out of the house, but he didn't cry, and the cashier thought he was funny, so it worked out all right. By the time I got done at Walgreens, he was sound asleep and slept through that much-simpler transaction.

So what did I get? Let's see... I got 2 bottles of aspirin, 2 tubes of toothpaste, a box of floss, a pack of sanitary pads, a Breeze 2 blood glucose monitor, 2 boxes of bandaids, 2 sticks of deodorant, 1 Hydro 3 razor, 2 bottles of Soft Scrub, 1 big bottle of SPF 70 baby sunscreen, and 2 bottles of pop. Oh, and a bottle of coconut rum that was on clearance. ;-)  Not a bad haul, all things considered! The damage? 94 dollars worth of stuff for 11 dollars, about an 88% savings rate. Plus most of that was on the CVS gift card I got for my birthday, so only about 3 dollars came out of my budget. Woo-hoo!

Bored of talking about pumping, it continues nonetheless. Robert is about to roll over, I'm sure of it. My dad suggested that taking off his diaper might help him roll over, so I tried that today. It seemed to help a little, but then he peed on the floor. Not sure I want to try that again. But he's getting stronger and fatter by the day, so that's very good! I took him outside with me today and we planted the tomato and pepper seedlings in their hanging basket. We'll see how they go. The peppers are looking great, but the seedling tomatoes are anemic at best. That's okay, I don't like tomatoes much anyway!

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