Monday, May 17, 2010

Free is Delicious!

Well, Robert woke us up at three this morning, little stinker, so I'm entirely exhausted and I'd love to get to bed at midnight for a change. So I have five minutes to write this! Church this morning was nice, Robert was okay but had to be removed for rediapering, with much screaming, before even the children's message had started. Oh well, he's still very small. One day he'll be able to play in the nursery during church, and won't that be nice?

After church, we dropped M off at school to get some work done, and Robert and I went.. dum-de-dummmm... shopping! We hit up Walgreens first, my new favorite Walgreens where the other couponers don't go quite as early in the week. I didn't have much to get there this week, but Old Spice body wash was on sale where if you buy 1 for 4.49, you get 4.49 back in register rewards, plus I had BOGOF coupons for Old Spice body wash. I did that deal twice, so I got two free body washes, plus two body washes where I got back all I paid in coupon money. Not bad! I used up the coupon money by buying a mini humidifier on clearance sale for 12 dollars, down from 24. I also got three copies of the paper (and found Walgreens isn't discounting them anymore, boo), a box of juice sticks for water bottles, and a water bottle (free with the juice sticks.) The whole kit and kaboodle came out to twenty dollars, which is more than I normally spend at Walgreens, but did include a small appliance.

We also stopped at CVS, where I made a 3 dollar profit by buying shampoo, bar soap, and a can of waterless shampoo that had a rebate offer attached. After sales and coupons I paid 1.75 for everything, and I will get a 4.49 rebate back. That's the way to shop! Of course, I demonstrated the way not to shop a little bit later when I went to Babies R Us and went a little insane. I wanted a baptism outfit for Robert, but the actual fancy ones did not come in his size. I would've bought one, though, if it did. Even though they were 45 dollars for a little white baby tux that he would likely only wear once. Babies R Us is like that, it makes you insane. Robert was not helping, either. He slept like an angel the whole time I was in there, giving me plenty of time to browse. I ended up buying a white collared onesie for a shirt, white shorts, and then socks and little white shoes with crosses on them from the baptism clothes display. Too cute. Then I went on and bought another outfit (the shorts were BOGOF today, so I figured I might as well get my free item!), three Nuby bottles on clearance because we need bigger bottles that do not leak, a six pack of spoons for the transition to solids, and some clearance short-sleeved onesies. I spent nearly fifty dollars! It was nuts. I can see how people find it much easier to splurge on their children than on themselves.

This evening we did some cleaning, M cleaned up the kitchen while I attempted to excavate the dining room table. I found some Dominos Pizza gift certificates that my mom gave us that I'd totally forgotten about. Awesome! We got a large pepperoni pizza and a 2-liter of Diet Coke for supper and didn't have to pay anything for it. That made it taste especially good. And now: Bedtime!

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  1. Keep up the great shopping. You could write a book.


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