Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy, Busy Tuesday

Wow, we were on the go all day long today! This was the first day in a really long time that I have gotten up to the alarm clock instead of Robert's tummy clock, since we had to be up at six and out of the house at 7:30. And before then, we had to feed the baby, feed ourselves, Robert and I needed a bath, and I had to get the stuff ready for two appointments and a photo shoot. We made it out the door on time, too, or very close. I realized when we got in the car that I'd forgotten my empty WIC folder, but decided not to go back for it, lest we get stuck in even more rush hour. As it turned out, that was a really, really good decision. As we were going up the last hill to M's school, a traffic jam started up when a school bus stalled out or got stuck or something right in the turn lane of the busiest intersection on campus. We were crawling for a couple of minutes and managed to squeak out of it, and I dropped M off at quarter past eight, not a terrible drive time for a rush-hour commute. By the time I'd turned around and gone back down the block to that same hill, traffic was backed up all the way to the interstate, and the school bus was still not going anywhere. If we'd taken the extra two minutes to get that binder, we'd have been right in the middle of that mess and likely missed the WIC appointment entirely!

After talking with the nutritionist at the health department, I decided to stop getting the breastfeeding food vouchers and go to a full-formula package. It sort of makes me sad, because it feels like giving up, but it's more important to feed the baby. I can get coupon deals and find sales on the food I was getting from WIC, but formula is so expensive, and we need to make sure we get enough a month for a growing baby. We talked about solid foods as well, but she advised us to wait at least another month, and preferably till six months before introducing any solids. Apparently it's better for him that way. So by midsummer, my baby will be getting acquainted with the spoon! Man, time flies, doesn't it? For the next two months I get a reduced WIC food voucher as well, since I'm less than six months postpartum, so we'll sort of ease back into buying our own milk and cheese and eggs.

After the meeting at the health department, it was off to the mall and JC Penney's for a portrait shoot! I had a good coupon for a free sitting, a free 8x10, and a huge saving off the cost of a single-pose package. I put Robert in his baptism outfit and we went for it! It went really well. The lady there was great at getting him to smile, and the pictures were adorable. I stuck mostly to the terms of the coupon, but I couldn't resist one extra 8x10 in a second adorable pose. I also bought into their portrait club, which waives all sitting fees for two years, for everyone in a family. It'll pay for itself next month if M and I go in with Robert for a family picture. I think it would be nice to get one done while he's still very small. He's a hambone, too, and loves to flirt with ladies, so I think he'll be smiley then, too. =)

We went home so Robert could have a change of diaper and a quick nap, which he needed badly. After that, he went over to spend a few hours with our very nice neighbors while I went to the doctor. He came with me last time, but that was just a consultation, and this was an IUD insertion, and I thought he'd probably be in the way. The appointment went fast and didn't hurt quite as much as I'd worried, though I have felt a bit crampy and painful since then. It's supposed to go away after awhile, and ibuprofin helps. As long as the pain doesn't stick around too long, I can handle it.

When I got back, we spent some time socializing with the neighbors, then came home for just a little bit, then went to collect M from school! He got the paper done he needed to, so that's a big relief. He's only got one more big paper left this year. Woo-hoo! At home this evening, we ran the air conditioner for several hours, but it was 88 degrees, so I don't blame us a bit. Hope we get some cooker weather coming soon.


  1. It's funny how one decision can impact your day. Nothing worse than rush hour traffic unless it is being in a traffic jam in rush hour traffic! The picture is very cute. Rob obviously loves the camera (and it loves him back). Don't feel bad at all about the formula thing. I have never seen anybody work as hard as you have to nurse their baby. I am very proud of you.

    As I listen to the air conditioner hum, I realize how much I tend to take for granted. Sure is nice to have (and afford). Can't wait til this weekend. Give Robert a kiss from Mimi.

  2. He is so precious! That picture is priceless, I want a big one to put up in my house. I understand completely about the ac. We had a heating bill in February that was like $360!!! So I am fairly stingy with the ac since it's not a "necessity". I keep the house at 79 or 80 and have a lot of fans. :) But the electric bill is much cheaper this way, i broke down and turned the air on when inside the house hit 91 and i thought i might melt. I cant wait to see you guys soon!


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