Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am totally exhausted, but I stayed up anyway to upload the long, long video of Robert's baptism for you all. It was an hour and forty five minutes to upload. It was a really nice video. I waited and waited. Eight minutes from the end of the upload, the netbook decided it was time to hibernate, and dropped the entire thing. An hour and thirty minutes of upload, down the drain. I'm so mad. No video for you all tonight.

The baptism went great, though. Robert behaved himself and was adorable, it was great having my parents and M's parents there, and it was a very moving and spiritual experience. Robert didn't even cry about getting wet. After church, we walked down the street to this funky cafe and had good food, and then went to Graeters for the world's best ice cream. Robert watched Nana eat her ice cream so longingly that we decided to give him a tiny bite. He immediately spat it out with a look of horrified disgust. Maybe he is not quite ready for solider foods yet. =) 

We went to the half-price bookstore in the afternoon and picked up many, many, many bargain CDs. They are 2.00 for the cheap ones, and the Memorial Day sale had them 20% off, to boot. My other project tonight, the more successful one, was ripping those CDs onto my laptop so we can play them on the drive down to vacation. I got lots of early Jimmy Buffett that I did not have in my collection. Woo-hoo! We also swapped pictures between my camera, my folks' camera, and M's folks' camera, with me doing most of the legwork because I know how to do it. The first batch of pictures is on Flickr now. I will post more when I am not so tired and frustrated. For now, bed! 

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