Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warm Weather

It's definitely a hot spring so far around here, with temps in the 80s most of the past ten days or so. Great for my strawberries, but not so good for our apartment. I would like to continue enjoying the enviably low electricity bills we've been enjoying for as long as possible, so I'm trying to delay turning on the air conditioners, but it's only April and already my willpower is being tested. I realized that this time last year, I was just barely or just about to get pregnant, which is kind of a funny thought. What a difference a year makes, huh? I think I would've been much hotter last summer if I'd known I was pregnant. My mind is a powerful force.

Anyway, Thursdays this term are cool because M does not have any classes. He's got tons of work, of course, but some weeks he won't even have to go in to school. I like that, it's good having him here, and it means that I can possibly get out to knitting without having to take the baby along. Robert is very popular with most of the ladies, but last time I was in, he was fussy and the owner got annoyed, so I'm giving it a nice long cooldown. Besides, if I go in without him, I might actually get some knitting done! I still owe my cousin half a blanket for her new baby, and I've done nothing on it for months. Gah. It's hard to knit with a baby in one arm, or with a million other things to do when my hands are free.

Robert got to play with both his Mylar balloons today, which was very funny. I think he was treading that fine line between overjoyed and overwhelmed. He was fussy in the bath, which is very unusual for him. Usually he likes his bath, so I'm hoping this isn't a new, no-bath phase. I've been looking forward to getting him into the pool when it opens. He was then good for most of the day, but fussy in the evening, until he made a big poop while sitting in Daddy's lap. Then he felt great and went right to sleep! M and I enjoyed some more Netflix on the TV, and I made some of the tortellini I got for nearly free last week. I know from experience that one package is tasty but not filling, so I stretched it with penne pasta and it worked really well.

I think I may need to give away the gum I got the other day. I tried to eat a couple of pieces of it, and it's got my jaw popping even now. Ick. It was supposed to be that whitening gum. I will have to stick to my whitening toothpaste instead. And tomorrow I really need to go to the grocery store, as we are out of both milk and yucky tea. I feel I can use our second WIC check in good conscience now, since the fifteenth is over and thus the month is half gone. Gotta make sure to budget those, same as anything else.

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  1. Cute picture! Anyone with TMJ should NOT be chewing gum!!


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