Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Day

The weather has been getting steadily nicer after the little cold snap we had, and is currently hanging right at that perfect spring place, not too hot and not too cold. I wish it could stay like this forever. My new plants are doing well, just starting to stretch out a little in their new, roomier homes. I do like the neat appearance using pregrown plants has given my garden. Last year I couldn't bear to thin, especially in the herb bowl, and it got messy and overcrowded, and eventually only the basil did really well. I'm looking for bigger and better this year. The tomatoes and peppers are also starting to sprout in their little greenhouse. When they're big enough, I'll plant them in my hanging baskets and it will be pretty. I looked long and hard at the Topsy Turvy  tomato and strawberry planters at Walgreens, but in the end, I just couldn't justify the cost when I have serviceable baskets at home. Maybe they aren't quite as neat, but they are already paid for! If by chance the Topsy Turvies should go on clearance sale, I may revisit that decision. I have lots of hanging hooks this year. =)

We were back on routine today after my birthday break, and that was okay. Robert had a few fussy moments, just normal ones, but he also took a couple of short naps, and that was nice. He fell asleep during tummy time for the second day in a row. Maybe that means he's getting used to being put down on his stomach. I have to keep doing it, I've noticed his head is getting a little flat spot in the back. It is definitely baby rotation time. He also sat in the bouncy seat, swung in the swing, spent time playing in the bed and on the floor with Mommy, and had some good mobile watching time in his crib. Baby's days are just packed.

I got the third of my birthday books in the mail today, it's Vision in White  by Nora Roberts. I couldn't help myself, I read the whole thing, squeezing it into the moments of my day when I could read, even if that was in the bathroom or while nursing. I really liked it, but that's hardly a surprise. Nora rarely misses. I hate the deckle edge they put on it to make it fancy, though. It's just a ragged edge on the page that makes it harder to turn. I also dug into the second book in the quartet, though I haven't finished it yet. I know it is greedy of me to want to read all three of my books in three days, but I can't help it. Any new book from my favorite author is an occasion to celebrate. It's not like I won't reread them again and again anyway.

After M got home, Robert and I took the car for the weekly CVS trip. There were some free things I wanted to pick up, plus a diaper deal on Pampers. I hadn't expected to get the diaper deal, but M's mom sent me Parents magazine this month, which just happened to have the 3 dollar CVS coupon I needed. Cool! I got the value box of Size 3 Pampers (Robert is only just in size 2, but I already have a closetful of those) for 21 dollars, then took off five dollars with coupons, then got five dollars in Extra Care Bucks for buying them, bringing them to a total of about fifteen cents per diaper. Not my best price point ever, but good for Pampers. Pampers are always harder to get a good sale on than Huggies, but I do like them a little better.

 We also got a free Green Bag tag that will save us money if I can remember to bring my reusable bag along, a couple of things of mascara for when I am being all professional again, and some last clearance Easter stuff. (Yes, I know, but it was 90% off! You can't ignore 90% off!)  I got one of those premade Easter baskets for 79 cents, down from 7.99. It has plastic racecars in it, so I'm going to take it apart and put the cars in the food pantry bag. It's not food, and it's not toiletries, but I can't imagine that they won't be able to give away a toy to someone who could use one. I got M a big chocolate bunny for 30 cents, in honor of watching Rack, Shack and Benny this week on Netflix. He ate it while holding the baby, and I'll just say it was lucky we were already planning on giving him a bath. Hurrah, Easter candy! ;-)

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