Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Prince Among Babies

Well, I was back in census training today, but apparently Robert had a very good day. M took him to school with him and made quite a splash amongst the students. He slept through the lecture M was TAing, then sat nicely on his lap while M was teaching his class. Everyone thought he was extremely adorable. They're totally right, of course. All the travel made him a little fussy in the evening, but not so fussy that he didn't calm down and get smiley again for awhile when I gave him a baby massage and blew raspberries on his tummy. We've been having to put him down earlier this week, which is a decidedly mixed blessing. I like the longer evening, but it's hard to get him down when the room is still so bright, no matter how tired and cranky he is. And of course going to bed an hour earlier means he's up an hour earlier, too. Urgh. Mostly I'm just glad he's sleeping through the night. He's always been good about that since almost the beginning, knock on wood.

Tomorrow's going to be a bit more complicated than I thought; apparently we're not just training in one place all four days, we're actually going out into the field, and I need to get there somehow. Actually Thursday won't be so bad, since M doesn't have class, but Friday is going to be a serious problem. Maybe I can try to get a ride from one of the other trainees to wherever my assigned area is. Or maybe I can beg and bat my eyelashes and get someplace in easy walking distance. Wherever I go, I will not be able to share many stories of my adventures, because we are sworn to strict confidentiality for 72 years. Bummer. But it's really not so bad, and when it's mind-numbingly tedious, I remind myself that I'm making more money than I have in a very long time, money that will fund a number of my near-future ambitions such as life insurance and car...

Crap! Just remembered I have to get the car registered! I wish I could do that online. I definitely do not want to be driving illegally while I am working for the government, or any time, really. I'm going to have to check and see if they have Saturday hours, otherwise I'll send M over there with the baby and a check on Friday after his class. We are rapidly running out of April! Anyway, that's one more good thing that me having a job will help us have money for. I can put up with some tedium for that. But I really, really miss the baby when I'm working. At least pumping wasn't as bad today, I took a sheet and hung it around my pumping area, which I prepped before the start of the day and left in place till the end of my last session. That helped quite a bit, though I'm still not getting as much as I used to. I used to be able to do four ounces reliably, now I'm averaging half that. Maybe if I got back into the habit, but I much prefer to do it the easy way and just feed him.

Oh, and I got my birthday present from my sister in the mail today. It is awesome! When my teapot came broken and she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted the  Ingenuitea  teapot, which is a really weird and awesome teapot. You put loose tea into it and pour hot water over it, then when it's steeped, you set the whole thing on top of a mug and the tea drains in, leaving the leaves behind. You sort of have to look at it to get the idea, but it's really cool. And she sent me some excellent tea with it as well. I should be going easy on it because it's Earl Grey and has caffeine, but I'm already on my second mug tonight. Oops. =D It is much better than the yucky nasty tea, though I am still drinking that as well. No more tea for me tonight, though, it's almost bedtime.

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