Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking at Hair

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Robert has reached a new milestone, the milestone of reliable hair-grabbing. He thinks it's hilarious, actually. One of the surest ways to get him to laugh is if I'm looming over him, kissing his tummy, and he can get hold of a double-handful of Mommy's hair. It's funny now, mostly because he hasn't got a huge amount of arm strength going for him, but I know where this road leads. It may be time to get a new haircut. I really like the way the color we put in is working out, so I'm feeling pretty bold, hairwise. I visited to get ideas for new hairstyles and maybe see what's fashionable lately. I don't exactly keep up, but now that I'm back on the job hunt, it would be nice to look current.

This place has tons of articles about beauty and fashion tips, and lots and lots about hair. I got a little lost navigating at first, because it's a very celebrity-centric sort of site, full of articles about how to get so-and-so's look. It would be tremendously useful if I were a little more plugged in, but most of the time, I have only the vaguest idea of what so-and-so looks like. There were some good general articles though, like about the best hairstyles for your face shape and  best shampoo to protect color-treated hair. (My current shampoo, John Frieda Brilliant Brunette , made the list, and I'm glad because I think it's great.) I think I got some tips for a good summer cut, maybe something to obscure the center part in my hair, and take a little weight off the sides. I have a very round face, and getting the sides sleeker is more slimming, apparently.

It's kind of a cool site, and if you ever wanted to figure out how a celebrity managed to get a certain look for hair and makeup, it's definitely the right place to go. The layout's a little bit cluttery, and if you're looking for something specific, it can be hard to navigate. It kind of reminds me of a women's checkout-aisle magazine in website form, for good or ill. You can get tons of advice on how to get a new look, and gossip about Kate Gosslin's new hair extensions, all in one website. I'll probably keep this one in my bookmarks for awhile, and some day when the baby isn't feeling quite so demanding, rustle myself up a new summer look.

Oh, and just for reference, here's me now, or as of a few weeks ago, anyway. Check out my new brown hair!

Brown Once More

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  1. Love the picture-wow-you look great. You look much too relaxed for a new mom :)


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