Friday, April 9, 2010

Jumping for my Love

Still haven't found my camera cord, how annoying! I did find out that I can swap out the SD card into my camcorder and upload it that way, which is better than nothing. So I have a picture for you today! Yesterday was a pretty quiet day, Robert and I hung out in the daytime and nursed our colds, then I went and picked up 20 free photo prints from Walgreens. That makes 70 free photo prints in a week, between Walgreens and CVS. Almost all of them are of Robert. ;-)

Today was a nice day. Robert was in a good mood almost all day. When he was alert, he was very alert and wanted entertainment, and when he was not, he wanted to sleep. He took a very nice nap in the crib, and one in the bouncer, and one in the swing. The big excitement, though, was the Jumparoo! I know he's very little for it, but I have been wanting to put it together since basically before he was born, and his head control is very good for his age. I took it out of the box and put it together this morning, then tried him out in it. He really loves it for about five minutes at a time, after which point all the stimulation totally overwhelms his tiny brain and he wants out. I think he'll really have fun with it as he gets bigger. Right now, I have to put a pack of sheets underneath it, because his little feet don't touch the floor, even on the lowest setting.

When M got home from school, Robert and I took the car and went to Walgreens to spend the last of my coupons there this week. I also took my old ink cartridge to try and get it refilled, but was informed that Epson cartridges aren't refillable, at least not at Walgreens. Bummer! I will look into that further, but I may just have to keep an eye out for deals at Staples and Office Max. I have Office Max rewards coming to me next month, I know.

At Walgreens, we picked up more Frappucino (yay!) and the very last clearanced Easter candy that I will get, I swear, and another thing of Kotex and three more shampoos. I found out from my pastor how to get stuff to the food bank, so I'm getting a bag ready for this weekend. I then splurged and bought a package of page protectors so that I could actually put together my coupon binder like I've been wanting to for weeks. That cost more than all the rest of it put together, but it was worth it. I got the binder put together tonight, and I love it. (I will show you a picture of how it turned out tomorrow!)

We had not-so-good luck at the checkout counter, when I didn't get one of my register rewards, and the manager had to be called. It turned out that the cashier had forgotten to ring up one of the shampoos, so I didn't get the reward I should have. We had to void the whole transaction, get all the coupons back out of her envelope, and try the whole thing again. But she and the manager were very nice about it, and I was very nice about it, and most importantly, Robert stayed calm the whole time. He is often chancy at checkout, when the cart is not moving. In the end, it all turned out fine. Oh, and they also let me trade in my two unopened packages of Size 1 Huggies for Size 2 Huggies, so I am feeling very good about Walgreens today.

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