Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day of Rest

The birthday celebration continued into today, as M took Robert after his morning feeding and hit the road, leaving me with a precious morning all to myself. I immediately went back to bed. Two hours of sweet, wonderful amazing sleep later, I got up and had a hot bubble bath with my new book, then took a leisurely shower and had more cake. By the time my guys got home, I was almost finished with my book, and feeling exquisitely relaxed. It was lovely.

M had to go to school in the afternoon, so Robert and I still spent plenty of time together. I decided to get some Easter pictures of him, though he still doesn't fit well into his Easter outfit, since it was clean and I knew we hadn't gotten any on Easter. It was a bit of a job to coax smiles out of him when he was wearing the bunny ears, but the pictures turned out immensely cute, so I was happy. We watched some more Fraggle Rock and did some more tummy time. Today I inflated one of the exercise balls to try and give some variety to his tummy time, but he was not impressed. He screamed himself to sleep on the blanket and had a little nap. But for most of the day he was happy and easy to deal with, so that was nice.

Today was also a good day because I cashed out another reward from one of my survey sites, this one a 25 dollar Paypal deposit. That'll come in handy when it arrives! I also got the refund from Amazon for my broken teapot, so I'll have to decide what to do with that. A little bird told me that I may be getting tea apparatus as a present, so I'll hold off on buying another teapot. ;-) I also took a look at next week's sales at Walgreens. Looks like it's going to be a good week! I still need to hit up CVS this week, too. I don't have much money left in the budget this month, but we're good for food right now and I've got Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards in my wallet, so I should be set. I got some money from my folks for my birthday, beyond what they gave me for the mobile, which is super-duper awesome. I'm saving that for now, though. When I don't think ahead about how I want to spend my money, I usually spend it on stupid things and feel bad later. I want to have plans!

It's getting late now though, and I need to get to bed. I'm trying to save up milk ahead of time for when I'm in training next week, but it's a slow process. I'm not pumping four ounces in a sitting anymore, that's for sure. But Robert seems to be getting what he needs, and that's the important part. And I've got three six ounce bags and four three ounce containers in my freezer already, so I'm on my way. I may not be making more donations to the milk bank anytime soon, but first things must come first! I'm excited about working for the Census, but I still need a babysitter for the training days. Gotta work on that this week.

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