Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, soup is made!

The soup turned out amazingly well, though I'm not sure it's a recipe I can ever replicate. Basically I looked at about ten different recipes online, then just did my own thing. I soaked a whole bag, 2lbs, of dried split peas overnight in 2qts of water. After that, I drained and split the peas into two pots and poured two quarts of water over each batch. A third of a large sweet onion, sliced thin, went into each pot. I added a bay leaf to each pot, some minced garlic, and a piece of ham. One pot got the bone, one got the small chunk, and every ten minutes I swapped them off. As it simmered, I added garlic salt, celery salt, and pepper to the mix. After an hour or so, when the ham was getting soft, I cut off most of the meat, cut it into small chunks, and tossed it into the pots equally. Eventually, enough of the water had simmered off that I was able to combine the two pots into one six-quart stock pot. 

While the soup was having one last simmer, I made up some corn muffins to go with it, and dinner was served. It was delicious! Savory and filling, and there are certainly plenty of leftovers. I have more than a gallon of soup leftover now, and I have a feeling it may cool to a consistency where more water needs to be added just to eat it. I figure we'll have it for lunch tomorrow, maybe a snack tomorrow night, and whatever's left after that goes into the freezer. Not a bad way to use a hambone!

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