Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I cooked up some rigatone for Robert. It was the biggest pasta noodle I could find that wasn't a lasagna sheet, and the nice round tube shape was appealing. I made several cups of it, cooked it till it was nice and mushy for gumming, then put it in the fridge. When lunchtime rolled around, I put three nice-looking noodles in a plastic bowl with just a little butter, and gave it to him in his high chair. Within ten seconds, he'd dumped the pasta out onto the tray and was chewing on the bowl. Eventually the rigatone ended up on the floor, unwept, unhonored, and untasted.

We are not having good luck with finger foods. The only finger food Robert will eat is french fries and arrowroot cookies. Oh, and he also ate a Kit-Kat stick I gave him on Halloween, and subsequently refused to sleep for most of the night. That one was definitely an error. I've ordered a case of what are called "Baby Mum-Mums, rice rusks that are supposed to be really easy for babies to eat. He doesn't like the baby puffs much yet, but he does like things that he can hold in his fist while he chews them. The rusks are much bigger than the puffs, and they got rave reviews, so I'm going to try them out. I'm also going to try cooled steamed carrots. So far cheese and kidney beans have not worked at all, and even cotton candy would not pass his lips. I have thought about buying some edible rice paper since paper is Robert's favorite thing to eat, but I feel that would just lead to confusion down the road. We'll keep working on it.


  1. The "Baby Mum Mums" were a huge hit with Merileigh...actually too big of a hit! She gobbled them down so fast, and went through the whole box in two days. They're basically just fluff, but she really seemed to like the taste and texture.

  2. Hey, sorry I didn't call you back. Dad asked me to write a poem for Aaron's swearing-in tomorrow. Anyway he told me about Rob's aversion to most finger foods. Did you try Cheerios? You loved Cheerios from a young age but you had incredible small motor skills (page turning, button pushing etc.) I will run it by my girls in the office and by Dr.Thomas for suggestions. I love you and miss you.

  3. The way I finally got Juliet to eat Cheerios is by giving them to her one at a time. time consuming, yes, but eventually you can work up to more. I got that tip from my mom. She really likes Kix too.
    Keep trying with the pasta, I remember Juliet didn't like it at first but now she loves it. I try and buy tri-colored rotini because they use spinach for the green and tomato for the red and then I only give her those 2 colors :D
    Have you given Robert yogurt yet? I swear it's Juliet's favorite food, I first started giving her plain and she loved it (ew!) and now she gets flavors. It's now our go to food to make sure she eats b/c yogurt is apparently really good for you.
    Eating and nap time are probably our biggest struggles so I have lots of thoughts :D


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