Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quiet Friday

It was a quiet day today, and that is a good thing! Robert is feeling better and ate normally again, so I think the bug is wearing off. He didn't want to nap and was very energetic almost all day, so maybe he's making up for some lost time. He's still drinking a lot of bottles every day, and eating four ounces of food at  a sitting now. I wish I had better guidance on how much he should be eating a day. He seems happy with what he's getting, but I don't know if it might be too much or too little. There is so much conflicting advice online that I've almost given u looking there. One site I read said that by now he should be starting to use a cup and a spoon, but I think that's kind of ridiculous. I might try introducing a sippy to him soon, but he's got nowhere near the coordination to get a spoon of food into his mouth yet. He's not even seven months old! I think I need to solicit the advice of more experienced moms on this issue.

Not too much else happened, I didn't go to the store like I wanted and I didn't get the laundry done. The hot weather makes me feel so draggy, even in the air conditioning, and I was tired all day. Which means, I suppose, that I should go to bed now and hope tomorrow is more productive. I know I need to get my life more organized and start setting a better example for the baby. I should be preparing meals for the table and feeding him solid food meals three times a day, with sippy cup, instead of twice a day and letting him have his morning bottle first thing. I should stop letting him watch television. When I think about everything I need to change, it usually feels so overwhelming that I back off from everything. It's hard to know where to begin. M and I haven't eaten regular table meals every day since... well, probably since we were in high school, or on summer break from college. It's never been important to us, and trying to start it up now seems so weird. But if it's good for the baby, I guess we have to try.

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  1. Try the Nuk learner cups. Micah and Merileigh both took to them without any struggle at all. They don't have a valve that has to be washed separately, and they don't leak as much as the other "non-spill" cups. The soft spout is very easy for them to figure out. I started them on sippy cups for water by the time they were 6 months.


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