Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspection Day!

I forgot to take a picture today! I am a bad blogger! I will make up for it this weekend though, we are going Saturday to get formal pictures taken. Well, not formal formal, dressy casual pictures, really, but at a studio. I have a coupon! When I get them, I will show everybody how they turned out. I was more than pleased with how JCPenney's did Robert's baptism shoot, so we're going back there. Anyway, here's one that's a few days old, but still relatively fresh.

Today was annual inspection day, which was relatively painless. This place was cluttered, as always, but not a health hazard, and all they really wanted to do was inventory our cabinets and bathrooms and stuff, apparently. I think they've been renovating apartments as people move out of them, but because we have been here more than two years now, we have not gotten renovated. That is okay with me, because they have also not raised our rent in two years, so it seems pretty fair. They came during Robert's naptime and did not go into his room, which was quite civil of them. I still need to do lots of laundry, eee!

Robert was mostly better today, and very hungry. He got his bottles, but he also got peaches and rice cereal for lunch, and a whole four ounce jar of butternut squash for supper. He is such a good eater. I gave him some Babv Puffs, which are like really dissoluble Cheerios, but he only wants to play with them for now. Other moms I've talked to swear by baby puffs, so I bought a case of these on sale at Amazon. M and I both tasted some (we got the apple kind,) and decided that though the flavor is quite understated, they're not bad. A good step towards Cheerios, which I already have a million boxes of. Tonight's been a little rough with Robert, he went through twice after going to sleep, enough the first time that we had to strip and change the bed. Now he is sleeping though, poor tired little guy, and I hope he stays that way.

Today M and Robert went on an adventure to school and left me alone in the house for awhile. I don't really worry when they are gone, per se, M has the phone and a full diaper bag and he is a great and watchful daddy, but it always seems a little strange to be alone in the house. Restful though, and kind of nice for a change, just for a few hours at a time. I got some more work done on my scarf, and tonight we watched documentaries and I made cookies from the freezer. It's amazing what you find when you clean out the freezer!

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