Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freezers and Tummies

The freezer came this morning! Woo-hoo! They called me at 8:30 to say it would be there between 10:30 and noon, and then came at 9:30. I can totally live with that. I immediately had to unpack it and plug it in. It is great, and it fits perfectly into the size for it. As soon as it had cooled for the recommended four hours, I rearranged the fridgetop freezer and started loading already-frozen food into the chest freezer. It was so cool. Now my freezer is ready for ice cubes and baby food!

Speaking of baby food, today was not such a good day on the baby tummy front. Robert woke at quarter til five, crying. He went back to sleep after a diaper change and song, then slept late, til eight or so. I gave him his first bottle of the day but he threw up halfway through. Not like baby spitup, but like stomach-spasming vomiting. He was running a little fever too, so I called the doctor. We took him in this afternoon and got Dr. R to look at him. We like her, she saw him for his six month checkup and has seen him several times before, so we know her better than some of the other doctors. She says that a stomach bug has been going around, and indeed I have been feeling a bit punky in the stomach for the past couple days. We didn't give him any solids today and monitored his intake and output, but by the end of the day he seemed to be getting better. If he's good tomorrow, we'll go back to solids on Friday. Poor baby was lethargic all day but didn't want to nap, he is sleeping well now, though. Hopefully he'll sleep late.

This evening has kept us busy, yearly apartment inspections start tomorrow. We hit our room very hard, it's the room in by far the worst shape. It's looking substantially better now, if still in need of work. The place doesn't have to look perfect, it just needs to be inspectable. At least most of the house is already in decent shape!

Oh, and the picture? Robert was fussy and hot, so I took off all his clothes and put him on the floor on a couple of towels. He had fun rolling and scooting around for a little while. It's interesting to watch all his muscles move as he learns how to move his body. Looks very different from the amorphous little baby-blob he used to be!

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