Monday, August 9, 2010

Day of Rest...of the Laundry

Church this morning was really fun. The past few weeks have mostly been quiet, with Robert as the only baby in the back of the sanctuary. (Our church is small, so there is no nursery in the summer, parents sit with their babies in the back of the sanctuary on this big colorful blanket so the babies can play.) Today, though, there were three other, bigger babies there as well. What fun! Robert was not quite up to joining in on the shenaniganry, but he is fascinated by the antics of older babies who can crawl and run and play with far more facility than he can. It was a little noisy sometimes, but fun, and we all had a good time. Our pastor was back after two weeks away too, so that was nice.

There was salad and a movie after church, but Robert was getting kind of fractious and we didn't stay. Also, M is not nearly as fond of salad as he is of soup. We start Soup Sundays again soon, and he'll be very happy about that. I need to get some new recipes! Oh, and I dropped off all the school supplies I got free or almost free this week, plus all the stuff I found when I was cleaning our room that I meant to donate and forgot about. A lot of body wash and deodorant, which I'm sure will not go amiss with the weather this hot! Being clean and not stinky is not as important as having enough to eat, but it goes a long way to making you feel better about yourself, I think.

I finally did all the laundry this afternoon, after some unsubtle nudging from M about it. I wasn't very happy with him, as the division of laundry is a bit of a sore subject in our household. He sort of got out of it by default with his habit of not pocket checking and ruining things, which is not the best way to get out of something. But while I did the laundry he did do the dishes, so that helped. Also, Robert pooped all over him, and that was funny, and I felt better. I am a terrible person. Hey, lucky I was already doing the laundry, right? For supper I made pork fried rice as promised, and it turned out very nice. Hurrah for one meal doing a week's worth of work!

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  1. Hey, I am so with you on the division of laundry thing. You are a much better woman than I am though because if I spend a whole day doing laundry, supper is either a frozen pizza or brought in!! You laundered and cooked!! Good girl! I will ask around for some good soup recipes for you. Sounds really great, especially on the cold days which we all know are inevitable. Love you.


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