Saturday, July 3, 2010

The World Comes to You

We didn't go far today, fairly typical for a Friday. Money in the bank is low after rent and sales are average at best, so M went to school and came home, and Robert and I hung around all day. It wasn't a bad thing. I took him down and we dropped off the rent check and talked with the manager for a few minutes, like we usually do. She's nice and has twins who are a few months older than Robert, so we swap stories sometimes. And today was a gorgeous day. I don't think we ran the AC more than a half hour all day long. In the afternoon, I took Robert and his tunnel outside and let him play in it for an hour or so while I read a book. The tunnel keeps the sun from being too bright in his little eyes, and he liked it very much. We were only driven inside by the eventual and inevitable massive poopy diaper.

Today was a day for receiving packages! The other day I went to Amazon during one of their diaper sales. I got 408 Size 3 Pampers for 60 dollars after tax and with free shipping, so just under 15 cents a diaper. Not bad at all, for Pampers. They arrived today. Wow, that's a large quantity of diapers! I am still deciding where I'm going to put all those diapers while I am using up what I can of the Size 2 diapers, but I am glad to have them. We are going to be set for diapers and wipes for awhile. I think any more wipes that I get will probably be donated, since I have something like fifteen boxes and seven refill packs of wipes now. Robert is a boy who makes messes, but at a certain point, even the most stockpilingest mommy has to say "okay, that's enough." But I don't want to let these coupons go to waste. Our pregnancy center is sure to find a use for any extras we want to give them. In other package news, I got 250 really pretty address labels with our name and address, all for 99 cents shipped. That came today, and they're great! And now it's the weekend, and I'm tired, so I will bit you all a lovely weekend.

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  1. love the picture--he looks like a peaceful boy.


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