Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Robert went to bed at six-thirty tonight, craziness! He never goes to sleep so early, but he was tired and fussy, so we laid him down and off he went. He was up at six-thirty this morning, which might explain it, and I have a sad suspicion he might repeat the performance tomorrow. "Well then," you may ask, "What on earth are you doing up so late?" The answer is, of course, that I am entirely insane. The other answer is "writing a blog post!" I didn't yesterday because I didn't have a picture, and because I was sleepy and went to bed early. I really do try to update this thing  every day, but I've been slacking off. Shame on me!

Today I did not do all the things I wanted to do, but I did some of them. Morning plans were scrapped when I woke at six-thirty with the baby and an awful headache. I stayed up with him till 8:30, when I passed him off to M and went to lay down. Getting a nap spoiled my plan to go to baby readalong at the library this week, but it did help the headache, so that's something. Robert had bananas for the first time today, mashed up with rice cereal. He liked it! The first bite made him shudder a little, possibly acquiring the new taste, but after that, he was happy to eat it. He would've been happier to smear it all over himself, but we also gave him a bath this morning and I didn't want to have to repeat it so soon!

In the afternoon, Robert and I left M to do the dishes and went out to do some shopping. Staples and Office Depot are having some pretty good school supply deals this week, so I bought some for the supply drive and for our own use. At Office Depot, I got three rulers, 20 pencil-top erasers and 12 notebooks for 1.78, which was most excellent. At Staples, I got a Cars backpack with matching lunchbox and wallet, two reams of printer paper, a binder two packs of pens and two packs of highlighters. It was 27 dollars, but Staples has online rebates, and I have already sent off for the 25 dollars in rebates I get for the paper and the backpack. Hurrah for 100% back rebates you can do without postage! I like Staples. We also hit up Big Lots for some energy drinks. I will probably need one tomorrow, and they had the big cans for 70 cents. Since they're the sort you probably shouldn't have more than one of per day anyway, it's not too bad. Good for emergencies, certainly.

Oh, and I didn't post yesterday, but last night we got Papa John's pizza, and that was fun. I did some Viewpoints reviews online and got a 10 dollar gift card to assign to one of a number of websites. I figured Papa Johns would make 10 dollars go the furthest. I combined that with a promo code I got for signing up for their email list, and wound up getting two medium pizzas, one sausage and pepperoni and one plain cheese, for 2.75. We had one pizza for supper and one pizza for brunch today, which means we spent .75 per person per meal. Very hard to beat that! Sometimes it's just so nice not to have to cook.

Robert spent a lot of time today in the jumparoo. He really likes it, but I think he might be getting a bit bored with the motion and the three toys. I really want to get him the Bright Start's Doodle Bug Activity Station, which looks like a dozen kinds of fun. I know it's summer, though, and I know we're pretty doggone pressed right now. Not nearly so much as we were, now that the paycheck came in, but rent is coming due, and I just got my bill for bar association dues (which is a heck of a lot of money, I might add!), and I don't even want to think about the electricity bill that's going to come any day now. I did just get ten dollars today from internet odd jobs, and the sixty dollar refund from my ill-fated ink cartridge purchase finally posted, so it makes me feel like there's money. I'm going to wait, though, I've decided. Once August's rent is paid, and July's power bill, and the bar association dues, and the credit card bill (only three more payments to make on the Chase card, woo-hoo!), then I will take another look at our finances. I know Robert doesn't need another toy to be happy, but I want to give him this one if I can. Until then, though, he's fine just playing with Mommy and Daddy, bouncing in the jumparoo, and sitting in his high chair, banging on his piano. (The monkey, I think, may still be a little much for him.)

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