Monday, July 26, 2010


We went to church this morning, which was nice as usual. I met up with my friend who is having a baby in February and lent her all my pregnancy books and my Hypnobirthing CD with the very relaxing tracks. Honestly, trying to relax was one of the hardest parts of being pregnant for me, and the relaxation hypnosis tracks coupled with some pregnancy massage was like magic. I hope it will help her out too. She found out she was pregnant a whole lot earlier than I did with mine, and that just means a lot more weeks of stress and worry. Twenty was quite enough for me, even if it did pack a lot of baby-prep into only half the time. I also dropped off a big bag of the school supplies and personal care items I've been collecting, including a deodorant stash I forgot I had in the closet. And good timing as well, because it has been hot, hot, hot here!

After church we came home and gave Robert a nap. He's settling into a nap routine now, sort of, of a nap at noon and maybe a nap around four if we're lucky. While he napped, I organized coupons for the week. I love getting home delivery of the newspaper! It's awesome! It was also an awesome day for couponing, with a great sale lingering at Kroger and new good sales starting everywhere else. We did really well for ourselves. At Kroger, we got five bricks of Philly Cream Cheese, three bottles of Gatorade, two tubes of Colgate toothpaste, and a box of margarine for 8.37, plus we got a 5.00 off your next order coupon. If I counted that way (which I don't on my spreadsheet because it is too hard) that would be like getting all that for 3.37. I also went to Kmart, which is not a store I like at all, because they're doing Not-So-Super-Doubles this week. They used to have an awesome Super Double Coupon promotion, but they've watered it down to almost nothing. Even so, I got five big boxes of Cheerios for 2.50, or 50 cents per box. Can't beat it, especially with Robert about to start solid foods.

Our big complex shopping of the day was at Meijer, and for that I needed M's help. Doing more than two transactions at once in a grocery store by myself is just too hard. We did three transactions and wound up with 12 boxes of Hamburger Helper, 4 boxes of pasta salad, 4 boxes of pizza rolls, 8 frozen dinners, and 5 bags of Chex mix for 14 dollars. Given that a normal box of Hamburger Helper is 1.50 just about anywhere you go, I'm pretty happy. I'm also glad the month is almost over, because I'm close to the line on budget, and I'm glad to know M gets another paycheck next week. There aren't too many weeks of regular pay in summer, so it's nice when they come. I'll appreciate it even more, I'm sure, when I see how awful our electric bill is going to be. It comes next week too. Gulp!

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  1. Funny picture of father and son..isn't it scary when they start copying their parents?


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