Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today I had to spend time cleaning up and vacuuming the living room. It was a very scooty day! Robert's been getting more rolly with each day that passes, but today he got into it big time. I cleared everything out of the middle of the room, vacuumed the carpet, and let him go at it. He managed to make it about halfway across the room! He really seemed to enjoy it, too. I could see his little mind working as he scootched and rolled and lifted his head to study everything. He's still not crawling, not even army crawling, but he's covering ground. Crawling is not far away, my friends. When that happens, I just don't know what we're gonna do! I took some pictures of him while he was adventuring, notice how far he is from the blanket where he started.

Yesterday I made some barbecue chicken in the crockpot, just tossed in the legs and thighs I got for 99 cents a pound into the crockpot with the skins peeled off, tossed in a bottle of barbecue sauce I got for free a while back, and let it cook six hours. Pulled out the bones, mushed it all up, and it was very good! I was much happier with the way it turned out this time than when I tossed in breasts as well. Too many little bones! Today I took some of the leftovers and a pizza crust mix and made barbecue chicken pizza. Made up the crust, subbed in Sweet Baby Rays for pizza sauce, added chicken liberally, then  covered it with mozzarella cheese. Yum-yummy! I'm really going to miss getting cheese from WIC, but I can always still look for sales. The pizza turned out great.

In the evening, we went over to Lowes for a sale on Brita pitchers. Lowes put out some store coupons, which just happened to stack very nicely with a manufacturer's coupon for a very good deal. Now, everybody and their brother at grocery stores and discount stores knows that you can always stack a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon, because nobody gets dinged twice for it. The manufacturer pays for one and the store pays for one. It's very simple. But the cashiers at Lowes don't deal with coupons very often, and we had to be politely persistent about it. The head cashier eventually let the cashier put the transaction through, so we were happy and we got a new Brita pitcher and filter for only 2.27! Hurrah! The even better news from this trip, though, is that when we went back and looked at the appliances, we found that their smallest chest freezer is just 159 dollars, a much lower price than at the Sears outlet. And they have free delivery as well! Immediately upon arriving home, I went to my SmartyPig account that held the money we were saving for the chest freezer and closed it out in the form of Lowe's gift cards .That's another thing that's cool about SmartyPig, when you redeem a goal in the form of gift cards to the store you're shopping at, you sometimes get an extra percentage. Lowe's gave us an extra 3%, which is not too much on that sum, but certainly nothing to sneeze at! As soon as our gift cards arrive, we're getting ourselves a new freezer!

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