Tuesday, July 13, 2010

School Supply Shop

Can you believe back to school sales are starting up already? It's the second week of July, for pity's sake! If I were a kid, I would avoid stores at all costs for at least another month. But I am not, so Robert and I went shopping at CVS and Walgreens today! At church yesterday our pastor mentioned that one of our sister churches has kids who are in need of snacks, hygeine supplies and school supplies, so I've been keeping my eyes open in this week's sale hunting. And what a good week at Walgreens to start! They had a whole bunch of good stuff on sale. I had eight dollars in rewards bucks that were about to expire anyway, so I figured this was a good thing to use them on. I ended up getting four good Reach toothbrushes, sixteen pocket folders, six ten-packs of mechanical pencils, three pencil/crayon sharpeners, three rulers, and a can of iced tea and a bottle of dish soap for myself, all for 1.12 in cash out of my pocket.

At CVS, we did quite well also. I didn't find all the items I wanted, but I went in with five reward bucks, got myself three rulers, a 10 pack of pens, two packs of pantiliners, shampoo, conditioner, a pair of scissors, and one of those toothbrushes with a battery, all for a dollar out of pocket plus I walked out with five reward bucks to spend next time. Can't do much better than that!

I also found the charger for my camera, as you might have noticed. Robert was in a good mood most of the day today. He had a really horrible poopy diaper while he was in the jumparoo that actually started dripping on the floor, and that was kind of awful, but luckily we were both around and the carpet cleaner was handy, so no harm done. Today I gave him some of the hand-me-down toys I got from a friend at church, and they were a big hit. There's an apple that chimes when you tip it, and a ball that does the same thing, except the ball has little rocking animals inside it. I had one like it when I was a baby, actually. Robert thinks it's great. I gave it to him when he started having a tantrum during lunch, and he happily pushed it around on his high chair tray until he forgot about being upset. He had rice cereal for lunch and a whole jar of butternut squash for supper. Hungry baby! He's really got this eating thing down, now. I just have to remember he's still a novice, if a talented one, and to keep taking things slow and easy.

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