Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Son Loves to Watch Nickelodeon Junior

This was written by guest blogger Ericka Clarey
Ever since the day I brought my son home from the hospital, I have tried to make sure he gets to watch or listen to educational information. He listened to the TV when he was too young to watch and now that he has gotten older, he loves to watch Nickelodeon Junior. With Nick Junior being a channel designed just for young children, it has taught him a lot. He now knows all of his colors, shapes, numbers, and even some of his alphabet. There are a few other channels he loves to watch but overall he watches Nick Junior the most. 

He loves to watch and sing along with the Backyardigans and Diego. I am really glad we are able to watch educational television on satalite TV. By being able to watch these shows, I feel like he will be better prepared for school when he gets old enough. Since he is not in preschool, i know he is at least learning something. The most amazing moments as a parent are when your precious angel is growing and learning. He gets so excited when he gets to watch TV and he does not realize that he is learning so much.

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