Sunday, July 25, 2010

Going Out

It was a lovely anniversary, and I've stayed up much too late celebrating it. I wanted to talk about some of the deals I got this weekend, like the twenty tubs of baby food for five dollars at Babies 'R Us today, but M is giving me the "It is time to SLEEP" look, so I have to be quick. More talk about coupons tomorrow, after a trip to Meijer that I am sure is going to be exciting!

For our anniversary, I got M two issues of a really cool comic book. They are signed, and come with a piece of original artwork as well, but unfortunately one was a preorder, so neither of them are here yet. I told him what I was getting him though, and he is happy. As soon as they ship, which should be any day now, he will have his present! He bought me ice cream from Graeters, which is an awesome present any day of the week. Neither of us spent much on the presents, which is good. Thoughtful is always better than expensive. We took turns napping today and dealing with an increasingly crazed and toothy baby. Robert was really in a mood today, I don't know if it was teething or what, but he was laughing or screaming almost the whole day.

Given the bipolar baby day, it was extremely optimistic of us to take him out at 8pm, bedtime, to Red Lobster for our traditional anniversary dinner. We ate at Red Lobster the first post-wedding night of our married life, and since then it's been a place we've returned to every anniversary but one. (The year we lived in Chicago, we went to Benihana instead. Exciting!) Red Lobster was startlingly busy, given the hour, but we got really lucky, and Robert stayed calm the entire time. We put the carrier on the table and took turns rocking it for about half the meal, till he fell asleep. Even before he slept though, he mostly looked around and chewed on his bottle and played with his octopus. He really is a very good baby. We had a great meal and a very nice time. A happy anniversary indeed!

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  1. I recommend teething tablets. Hyland brand (and if you can find some kind of deal on them please let me know!)
    They are naturopathic, taste a little like chamomile tea, and work surprisingly well. I give them to Juliet every night before bed now, because that's when her teeth bug her the most. When she gets real bad she sticks her whole hand in her mouth.


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