Monday, July 5, 2010

Go Fourth and Shop!

Church today was fun, we had the service out on the front lawn, and the weather was really good for July. The crowd was pretty small, because lots of people are elsewhere on holiday weekends, but it was still very nice. One of the women at the church has a baby just a little smaller than Robert, and a toddler girl, too. She brought a sleeping bag, unfolded it, and spread it out as a mat on the grass. It was so clever! It was big enough to do stuff on, and heavy enough to stay put, where our blanket was shifting and bunching and generally being useless. I'm definitely going to dig out my sleeping bag next time we have an event on grass. M is definitely not acclimatized properly to this area. Even though we were in the shade and there was a nice breeze, he got really hot during the service. We need to spend more time outside!

The warm weather (and two bottles in very close proximity) served to knock Robert out nicely and he had a good nap in his crib when we got home. Later in the afternoon, he and I went to Walmart to spend the last of the Pampers coupons, and some other coupons as well. We got two things of chocolate syrup, three pouches of tuna, three pouches of potatoes, two packets of taco seasoning, the Sunday paper (just one copy, coupons are light on holidays), five 12-packs of disposable razors, one 4-pack of better disposable razors, and our final 12 boxes of baby wipes. They were well-stocked, so I felt okay about taking that many this time, just to make sure I didn't let any go to waste. Before coupons, the subtotal was just over 47 dollars. After all my coupons, it was not quite $7.00, and came out to $9.13 after tax. Not bad at all, I think! It would've been even less, but my coupon for the chocolate syrup had expired. As it was already on sale though, I decided to buy it anyway, and the two bottles accounted for a third of my cash expenditure right there. But two bottles of chocolate syrup will last us a long time, especially since they were big "free bonus ounces!" bottles.

I made macaroni and peas with hot dogs for supper, and experimented a little. I tossed in garlic salt and some parmesan cheese as well, and it turned out great! I think I will always do that from now on. Macaroni and cheese is good, but sometimes a little bland. The garlic salt did a lot for it. In the evening, we watched some Fraggles and I tried to get Robert to do some tummy time. He was having none of it, though, and after rolling him over five times in two minutes, I let him stay on his back! I think I'm going to ask the pediatrician how we're supposed to do tummy time now that he's a champion roller. =) At least he was so worn out, between that and an extended jumparoo session, that when eight o'clock rolled around, he was already half-asleep and making his "I'm a tired baby" groans. He went down with hardly a peep. I love my good sleeper baby! Tomorrow I'm going to devote several hours to cleaning the house, and M is too. Wish us luck!

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