Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of the Week

I couldn't post a Daily Robert yesterday because my camera is out of batteries! Oh no! I need to find the charger! I haven't charged the camera since we got back from vacation, because it has excellent battery life, so now I need to find where I put it. I was clever today, though, and took a video of Robert playing with his new piano. He really likes it, because it involves smashing things with his hands as hard as possible. This is his favorite way to play, and I've gotten him several toys that suit him quite well.

Robert Rocks Out from Cori D on Vimeo.

Let's see, yesterday was busy. Robert and I went back to the Optimist Club after several months away. That was fun, they are always very happy to see him, and the program was interesting. The local sheriff, who is a member of the club, showed off his collection of WWII and earlier guns that he'd been collecting since childhood. Robert was good during the whole talk, and made his mommy proud. We would've gone to the knitting shop, but I forgot my knitting, so we grabbed M and went to the farmer's market instead. It was the most we went out any day this week so far. We have not been doing much shopping, since the paycheck has still not arrived. I am starting to get just a little nervous.

Today marked three days after carrots, so we started Robert on a second new food, avocado! It was... not exactly a rousing success. He spit them out, made faces, and cried. We'll try again tomorrow, maybe with a few changes to technique. I might not have mashed the up well enough. Avocados are so healthy, and now is the time to get them! They were only 88 cents apiece at Walmart today, which is about as cheap as they ever get. Here is hoping he'll learn to like them. In other fresh food news, we hit up the farmer's market yesterday, the one just down the street from us. We paid too much money for some mediocre sweet corn, paid about as much as I'd be willing to pay for some very nice blueberry jam, and got what I consider a good deal on some amazing blackberries. Giant, sweet, perfect blackberries, a whole pint of them for five dollars. They were great to eat just as they were, but I wanted to do more with them!

Today Robert and I went on a coupon expedition to Walmart, with a gift card from M's folks. Most of the stuff I bought was free with coupon stuff, but I picked up a couple of other necessities because we had the card. Most important of these was a wipe-off-able bib for Robert with a crumb-catcher pocket. We didn't have any! I had no idea how short we were on bibs and how all our bibs were laundry bibs until I started trying to feed the baby twice a day. Gack! The dishtowels from Ikea work pretty well, but Robert has been expressing his displeasure strenuously to that option. I also got one of those foil windshield covers that's supposed to keep your car from getting so hot while it's parked. With the air conditioning gone, it's just been so punishing to drive anywhere, especially in the afternoon when I like to shop. I'm hoping that if the car isn't so hot when we start, it won't be quite as bad. The bib was five dollars, and the windshield cover was eight, so that was 13 dollars right there.

 I also got a bottle of windshield deicer and a scraper (on super sale!) since I was in the department, a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, six packets of cat food, five things (boxes? sachets?) of dental floss, three pieces of frozen key lime pie, a frozen personal deep dish pizza, two containers of Cool Whip, four bakery-reduced mini bundt cakes, three pounds of ground turkey, and two avocados for Robert. The total for everything was 16.77 before tax, so all this stuff was 3.77. Not bad! I used the Cool Whip and the mini bundts to make blackberry shortcake for us for dessert tonight. It was amazingly delicious. I love summertime, except for the heat!


  1. Great shopping expertise....Hope your weather gets cooler.

  2. Loved the video of Robert---He is demonstrating early music skills...It was great fun to see.

  3. What a budding musician! A future pianist! I loved Robert's vocals to go along with his amazing piano skills!

    Aunt Jo


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