Sunday, July 4, 2010

Diaper Vending

Today we went to the library, for the first time in ages. We didn't stay too long, but Robert was good and I borrowed some books. They have a baby reading group Tuesdays at 10 and 11, which I think I will take him to sometime. Gotta teach him early that the library is a fun place! And if I take him, I will remember to take back my library books. On the way home, we stopped at a garage sale and got some cloth books. I need to figure out if I can just toss them in the wash. Robert loves to eat cloth books. He eats his cloth Bible at church on Sundays!

Today I also sold some of my spare Size 2 diapers. It was pointed out to me that stores take size exchanges on diapers, and this is true. When Robert grew out of Size 1, I took his last two packs and traded them in for Size 2, no problem. Unfortunately, I had the clever idea of clipping the Box Tops for Education labels off about 20 packs of diapers for my mom, then not making sure that those got used first. Stores are not real interested in exchanging user-damaged product, even if the damage is negligible. So instead, I posted some of them on Craigslist. Within an hour, I had someone willing to buy four packs of Huggies for 20 dollars, which is a good deal for her, since it's half price off what she'd pay in the store, and a good deal for me, since my average pay price for Huggies is 4.50. Everyone was happy! I have more closet space for Size 3 diapers, and 20 dollars. Yay, Craigslist!

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