Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm tired, so hopefully I can make this a quickie. I kept my promise to myself and did two hours of housework today. I did four loads of laundry including all Robert's clothes, I organized the diapers so that all the new size 3 diapers are put away as well, and I did some cleaning in Robert's room. His room needs a very thorough babyproofing, which means getting everything off low shelves, too. I have no idea where I'm going to put things! I wish we had a garage so I could have a garage sale. I'd love to get rid of some stuff and we could surely use the money. But anyway, his room looks better and all his clothes are clean. I finally addressed the dangerous cord tangle in the living room and got it away from scooty baby-hands, and also sorted through the printer table. That still needs more work, but it's a lot better. The kitchen is still clean! Even though today I baked Hawaiian Sweet Bread and made brownies and whipped up a spaghetti sauce from scratch, it's still clean and the dishes are washed and it's wonderful. Bathroom looks good, too!

Robert got two solid-food sessions today, one in the morning and one before bed. I think that's what we're going to do for awhile, two high chair "practice sessions," and the regular contingent of bottles every day. He's still lightweight for his age, so I'm not worried about overfeeding him, and when he starts really getting the hang of the feeding thing, we can start transitioning him more. That's the whole point of this exercise, anyway, get him ready so that when he must eat solid foods, he'll be ready, willing and able. Today was even more exciting because we introduced a food with color and taste: carrots! Robert was interested and tried them without much protest, though as with the rice, a lot of it ended up smeared everywhere during both feeding sessions. We gave him a bath after supper to wash the carrot out of his hair. Right now one teeny-weeny jar lasts for both daily feedings, I just put the morning's portion in a dish so I don't contaminate the jar. We'll try carrots for a few days, then maybe squash, or even avocado. I have heard many good things about fresh avocado mashed up and served to baby. It's expensive, but he doesn't eat much.

Today's other big thing was Victoria's yearly vet visit. She got her kitty checkup, as well as her round of vaccines. All is well, though apparently at six years old, Victoria is already entering senior cat territory. That seems hilarious, knowing cats like Wil, but not all cats are mutant freak kitties (with all due respect), so it's important to keep an eye on her health as she gets a little older and slows down a bit. She's still in great health though, and she was very good at the vet, so I was happy. The bill was, as always, a bit of a bite, but at least it's just once a year for the checkup and vaccinations. I also bought her a catnip pillow, the vet version of a sucker for good behavior. She was very glad to get home and immediately threw up on the carpet, but that was just stress and vaccination. She's fine now. We repeat the whole thing in two more weeks with Robert, who I suspect will cry even more than the cat about getting his shots, poor bobbin. Well, if it must be done, is better it were quickly done!

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