Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back Home Again

Sorry for the lack of posting these past few days, we got home late last night and I was soooo tired. Eight hours in the car is exhausting at the best of times, and these weren't the best of times. It started raining on our way home in the Civic, which of course has no air conditioning. The weather was hot and humid despite the rain, so it quickly began to fog up the windshield. The only way to defog a windshield without AC is to blast the heater, so we did that. In order not to suffocate, we opened the windows, which meant we got wet. Robert also got wet, which he responded to by screaming. So the last portion of our trip was in the dark, in the pounding rain, with the heat blasting, with the windows open and the rain coming in, with the baby screaming in the backseat. I am VERY glad to be home.

Besides that, though, it was a good trip and a fun weekend. It was great to see everyone, and Robert liked all the attention, for all that he mostly wanted only Mommy to hold him. It's just a phase, and he still smiled at everyone and was his charming flirty self. And it was so cute to see him when we finally met up with M again and his little face just lit up. He knows Daddy, and Daddy is very popular. It's neat to see Robert starting to really develop these associations and preferences. His little brain is working very hard.

Speaking of  which, we went to the pediatrician today for Robert's six month checkup. The news is all good! Robert has a slightly bigger than average head, is slightly shorter than average (I was surprised too!) and is in the 40th percentile for weight, which is about perfect. He's hitting all his milestones, and the doctor is very pleased with how strong he is and how good he looks. This month he is 16.5 pounds and 25 inches long, a big boy! We're supposed to start giving him even more solid foods and gradually easing back on the bottles as long as he's eating well, but that'll be a slow process that goes at baby speed. He also got three shots today, poor bobbin. He was stripped to his diaper and drinking a bottle, but the minute the first needle went in, he stopped sucking and his entire upper body went beet red a moment before he started screaming. The frantic tears only lasted a few minutes though, and then he went to sleep for awhile in the car. He was a little fussy this evening and needed some baby Tylenol, but he's better now. Poor kiddo, but no more vaccinations for six more months! That's a lifetime for him!

I put up a whole bunch more pictures on Flickr, by the way. Go and look at them!

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