Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tis the Season

It's Garage Sailing Season again! (And no, that does not mean sailing in or off of a garage, as I had to explain to a confused friend.) Today was wicked hot, but Robert and I went out for a little while anyway, because there were a lot of nearby garage sales advertising baby stuff! We did well for ourselves, too. The very first place we went to had tons of baby toys in good condition, and very flexible pricing policies. My favorite kind! After a little negotiation, I got Robert a set of very noisy toys. I got him a xylophone piano, a little plastic drum with attached sticks, a tambourine, and a set of maracas, plus I also picked up some cool plastic blocks and an adorable plush octopus puppet. All of that for 5.50, and in great condition. I almost bought him a little kid laptop, but I'm skittish about buying electronic toys  at garage sales when they have no batteries. You just never know. Besides, despite my hopes and dreams, he's still way too young. =)

When we got home, I washed some of Robert's new toys, the ones he doesn't have to be able to sit up to enjoy, anyway, and let him play for awhile. He's getting really good at rolling over now; though he sometimes gets stuck, it is rare for him to go an entire tummy time session without ending it himself by a flip to his back. Today he managed to reverse the process, much to his own chagrin. There were many tears when he realized he'd put himself onto his tummy for once. Once he masters what to do with that trailing arm during the roll, nothing will stop him! And after that... the world! Scary thought!

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  1. You always loved puppets (especially a particular "bunny puppet". Maybe Robert will be a great musician because of the toys you bought today. There are some Robert's here in Freeport that would be happy to foster that!


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