Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Management

I've somehow let it get very late again, and I want to go to bed. How does that always happen? I won't say much tonight, and instead I will bribe you with pictures. I uploaded 32 new ones to Robert's Flickr page, all of which are very adorable. That should keep you busy for awhile. =D I've come to love the Fix Red Eye tool on Windows Photo Gallery. I just wish they had a similar "Fix Drooly Chin" tool. It would be very handy for my adorable little drool bucket.

There's not really that much to report today. We had the maintenance guy in to look at why the hall carpet is perpetually wet. He decided it was something that probably happened yesterday, and had the carpet guy come and vacuum it up. Great, except now it's just as wet as before. If something happened yesterday, it also happened today as well. It's really weird though, because there's absolutely no indication of where it's coming from! I'll call again tomorrow and have him come back. Aside from that, we stayed home, paid the rent, and watched some Fraggles. Robert still isn't rolling, but he can get his head up really, really well now. He's in crawling position, almost, and making crawling motions, nearly. He could be that rare baby who crawls before he rolls, maybe. Weird!

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