Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slow Going

Something was wrong with my stomach today, I felt like crap for most of the afternoon and a lot of the evening. Yuck! M was wonderful, he sent me to bed and took care of Robert almost all day. I feel mostly better now, but I'm not going to make a long post of this. Instead, I will seduce you with pictures and videos! Go see the Flickr photostream for a new collection of pictures, each more adorable than the last! Some days it's too hard to pick just one Daily Robert, so I toss all the also-rans onto the Flickr page as well. And here is a video of Robert wrestling a balloon!:

Balloon Wrestling from Cori D on Vimeo.

It's late now, though, and we have church tomorrow, so I'm not going to say much more. Hope you enjoy the triple-dose of Robert goodness!


  1. Loved the pictures and video. He is developing all kinds of skills with the balloon. Yea! Made our day.

  2. Cori,Hope you are recovering. Take care.

  3. Due to my procrastination, I know you must have gotten over your bug. (I think I may have it now.) I just love the pics of Robert. I want to pick up "Happy and Drooly" and just hug him. The balloon video is a hoot! I remember his first balloon. He was fascinated but much less "interactive" with it.


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