Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home to Shop

Today Robert and I went shopping! (After M put Robert's pants on him, with hilarious results you can see in today's picture.) We were trying to spend some of my Pampers Wipes coupons, but not only are prices here higher than average, every single store we went to was sold out. Ack! Well, we still have another month, I will just carry them around wherever I go and stock up whenever I see some available. We went to Target and bought nothing, and to Meijer where we bought more Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets, because they are awesome. With sale and coupon I got them for 4 dollars each, and each pack will do 24 loads. That is not great, but it's not bad, and the convenience makes up for the slightly higher price. When I'm hauling laundry back and forth, it is entirely awesome not to have to lug the bottle around as well.

On the way home, I saw a sign for Biggs, advertising an inventory blowout sale with "up to 95% off." Wow! I have never shopped regularly at Biggs, a local chain, because its prices are substantially more expensive than other nearby grocery stores. Even though it is the closest to me, it wasn't worth the higher prices. But I stopped in to see what the sale was all about. As it turned out, I was there for the funeral of the store. Robert and I walked in around ten after three, and the store would be shutting its doors forever at 3:30. The place was desolate. Biggs was not as large as SuperWalmart, but it was a big store, comparable to Meijer and bigger than Kroger or Target. All its remaining inventory was stacked on a few tables in the open space in front of the checkouts, all the empty aisles blocked by empty racks. It was strange and sad. Even though I didn't go there and didn't think they had good value, I was sorry to see it closing, just for the sake of the people who work there. I got great deals on some stuff, got something like 80 dollars worth of product for only 1.84, but it was hard to feel too joyful over deals I did no work for, knowing that as soon as we left the store, all the managers and checkers and stockers who were just standing around at the front of the store would be out of work.

Shopping and the heat made Robert sleepy, and he took a little nap when we got home, then woke up for more crazy baby craziness. He's had a sort of hard time getting back into the groove of things. I am hoping that a few more days will set things right. M starts summer semester on Monday, so we'll be getting back into our routine. It'll be work for all of us, but once it settles down, it'll be good.

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