Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Children Learn

Big shout out to Marissa Chaney for the guest post!

I love going online with my Hughes internet service with my children and visiting different websites that are aimed at teaching children. Some websites I find very beneficial are those designed for coloring. A child can click a key and color a part of a picture. When the color goes into the image, the name of the color is displayed. This is great for helping children associate a color with the name of the color.

These websites are also designed to learn counting and numbers. A child clicks the key and a number pops up. The numerical form shows, the spelling, as well as an object to match the number. My favorite is for the number three; it says three, 3, and shows three little kittens. My children also find these kittens very cute and cuddly looking, but now they all want three kittens! Having three children and three kittens just seems like too much work for me right now!

For my older child, she logs onto the website and is able to learn to read. The website we use shows a little book that changes pages when you click a key on the keyboard. The pages are relatively simple, and easy to learn. She can already read six of the books we have gone through!
Online, using satellite internet you can find websites that are perfect for the learning level of any child. I plan to use these even when my children are attending school. Not only do they have fun, they also learn. I am so grateful to my local hughesnet New York provider for allowing my children and I to learn so much from the internet.

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