Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandparents of the Future

Guest blog post from Beth Simon

It is amazing how much grandparents are learning through technology. My grandparents have the internet at home and they find it a very user friendly device. A few years ago I remember how confused they used to be when we were talking about chatting and email, but now a days they are jumping right on the wagon when it comes to computers.
My grandparents use the internet for almost everything. They make many different purchases over the internet as it is easier for them instead of making the long trip to the stores. They buy everything from Miracle Earhearing aids to groceries over the world wide web and have it delivered right to their door. They even found out where to get aFree Hearing Test.

Since my grandparents live so far away I introduced them to facebook. They use this as a social network to see pictures of all of the family. Our family has grown over the years and has spread out all over the world. Using facebook is an easy way for our grandparents to stay in touch with us.

There are so many great things the internet has to offer when it comes to people old and young. I am glad my grandparents got the hang of the internet as it makes their lives much easier and helps keep us in touch.

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