Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Movie!

I think I may have mentioned a couple of months back about the awesome deal I got on Toy Story 1 and 2 with coupons, how I got the pair for less than 10 dollars, and two vouchers for tickets for the third one when it came out. Well it's out now, and tonight M and I decided to go for broke and see it. We also decided to take Robert. Fortune favors the bold, you know! Since he wouldn't have gotten anything from actually seeing it, we decided on the 10:15 late showing of the movie. We put the baby to bed at 8, got him up and put him in the carseat at 9:40, and went, bottle in tow. It was us, Robert, and a couple dozen college kids. Robert was an angel, he slept the entire time, previews to end credits. Woo-hoo! And what a great movie! If you haven't seen it, go see it. We loved it.

I'm still working on closing the CD with Sallie Mae after the shoddy way they've handled our account. We got part of the money back today, and I'm hoping to have the rest by the end of the week. In the meantime, we took the money that would've been the CD and put it into a SmartyPig savings account instead, like our other goals over there in the right menu bar. The interest rate is not quite as good, but it's not bad, and I trust them more. Plus, we've set up an automatic deposit. For the next sixty months, we will deposit ten dollars a month into Robert's account. It's small, but with that and with interest, in five years, Robert will have over a thousand dollars for his bank account. Cool, huh? And with the SmartyPig account, if people want to give him any money for birthday, Christmas, etc, they can just use that little pink box over there and know it'll go straight to his account. I think it's very nice.

So far so good on M's small class, one more session and we will know whether or not he'll be teaching it for the rest of the term. Fingers are still crossed! In the meantime, money saving is the order of the day. I bought one of those giant rotisserie chickens yesterday for 5 dollars at Sams. It seems like an indulgence, except last night we had rotisserie chicken pieces, for dinner, and then I picked enough off the carcass for a generous Chicken Helper for lunch today and had enough leftover even then for chicken sandwiches for my supper. That's a lot of chicken for five dollars. It's still not as cheap as hot dogs or ground turkey, but it's not bad. And very, very tasty. I don't remember if I told you about the macaroni and cheese taco bake I made the other day, but it was really good too, and very cheap. Oh, and I've been working on loan consolidation too, but it's nearly 2am and Robert is finally actually asleep, so that can wait for another day.

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