Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facing Down the Ocean

We took Robert back to the beach today, this time slathered in sunscreen and with swim diaper ready. He fell asleep the moment we arrived at the beach, so we settled him in his bouncy seat under the canopy and let him have a nap. It was hot, hot, hot today. The heat index was something like 100 or 110, so we couldn't stay out too long. While he dozed, the family watched him and M and I spent some time in the water, which was really nice. The ocean was perfect, the tide low, the surf gentle. I found about a dozen sand dollars with my toes, but they were all alive, so none for me to take home. Oh well.

When Robert woke, he was hot and uncomfortable, and though that seemed like a good time to put him in the ocean, it only seemed to make him mad. He had a little cut from his own fingernail, which probably didn't help when the salt water touched it. So that didn't work out too well. We kept him in the water for only a few minutes before taking him back to the canopy and giving him a bottle and the edge of a cold, damp towel, which he hugged onto like a stuffed animal. It was cute. We took him home and gave him a bath to wash the sunscreen out of his hair, after which he was much happier. M wrapped him in one of his college t-shirts, and Robert took a little nap on the living room floor. Too cute. I posted more pictures on Flickr, everyone should go and see them!

For dinner tonight, my sister's boyfriend took charge of the kitchen for a seafood feast. My dad bought fresh shrimp and scallops from one of the local places, as well as crab cakes, a whole chicken, and fresh veggies. We had grilled shrimp marinated in lime and butter, pan seared scallops, crab cakes, roasted potatoes, grilled peppers and onions, beer-can chicken and Mexican Casserole (for the non-seafood lovers), and fresh guacamole with tortilla chips. Man, I stuffed myself, and it was awesome! Heck of a meal. Robert went down to bed nicely after another long day, and we had a relaxing evening. It's really been nice to let other people who love Robert spend time with him during the day. He loves it, and I get a break, and it's so nice for everyone.

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