Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day for a Party

Today was a good day at Casa Nana and Papa! We had the party where the family came over, and Robert was a huge hit. M's cousin's kids though he was the bee's knees, and were both enthusiastic and gentle in playing with him. Robert thought it was hilarious, though he got all worn out near the end of the party and had to go down for a nap. I really like M's family, and I realize how lucky that makes me. Many women can't say they like their in-laws nearly as much as I do. Everybody is so nice, and they make good food, too. ;-)

As today is Sunday, it is of course coupon day. Whee! I didn't bring along my coupon binder because this is vacation, but I did pick up the coupon inserts from the paper here, and made a quick trip to CVS. There's a super good coupon on Pamper's wipes this week, 2 dollars off 1 package. Since places like Walmart and Target routinely sell their average-size packs for around 2 dollars, this is a major coupon. It's also a bit nostalgic, because the very first coupon deal I worked involved procuring a bunch of Huggies Wipes for free with coupons. I could hardly believe it worked, and it was the start of big things for me. I am almost out of wipes now, though, so I could really use more free ones. I asked M's mom to poll the neighbors and see if anyone wasn't using their coupon inserts, and I took the rare step of going to eBay. Normally I buy from a clipping site if I really want a coupon, but these super-hot coupons are not in stock. I put in a bid on a lot of wipes coupons, but I don't really expect to get them. We'll see. It would be nice, but I'll figure something out either way.

Tonight I set up the new router here, which took a little while. Routers are generally highly idiot-resistant, but even they are sometimes subject to trouble. This one was not too hard to set up and configure, and in fact it took longer to program all five computers to connect to it than it was to set up the router itself. I'm connecting with it now, so so far, so good! I will have to set up the wireless printer for it tomorrow, but that's a problem for another day. In the meantime, here is another vide...

Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you! Robert rolled over today! It was so cool! I had him on his tummy watching Dr. Seuss, and he was crying, like usual. He got his head way up and his arm under him just so, and suddenly he was over on his back! He stopped crying right away. I let him revel in his victory for a few minutes, then rolled him back onto his tummy. He cried the Mommy Is So MEEEEAAAAN! cry for a few minutes, then did it again! What an exciting day!

Robert's Party from Cori D on Vimeo.

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