Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back from Vacation!

Whew, it's been several days since I last posted, but they were very busy days! We left the beach and drove through the night, arriving back at our mountain stronghold at 2:30am. It was nicer traveling at night that in the day, for the most part. It was much cooler, which is nothing to sneeze at when the heat index is over 100. And Robert slept most of the time, which was quite helpful. It did mean, though, that we were driving through the mountains very late at night when we were both exhausted, even with heavy infusions of caffeine. It was quite a relief to get back to M's folks' house and collapse. They weren't even home, but they left food and good things for us, so it was lovely. Robert went to sleep as soon as he went into his bed, and so did we. 

We spent most of that day resting, eating, and enjoying one more day of free AC and cable. It was fun! Once again we left around eight and drove through the night, though it was easier because we were on familiar terrain by the time it got very late. I drove the entire six-hour block because it's easier for me to stay awake when I'm driving than when I'm navigating. Victoria the cat was very glad to see us when we got home, and the birds, as usual, did not care. We brought in the bare necessities and went to sleep. When we woke up, it was time to get off our vacation footing and get some stuff done. The birds need beak trimming, so I made an appointment for that. I needed to see the doctor about my device, so I made an appointment for that. Same day service, not bad! 

I also went out and got some groceries, because we had nothing perishable in the house anymore. With our WIC vouchers and some other coupons, we got enough food to last us a little while without spending much money. M also got a paycheck in the huge pile of mail we picked up from the post office, so that helps. Robert had a hard time getting back on schedule at bedtime, so we put him in the stroller and went for a walk. There's a Chinese restaurant half a mile from our house that I had a BOGO coupon for, so we used a little of the leftover travel money for supper. The rest of it goes into the rainy day fund. Supper was very good, and it made the baby go to sleep, hurrah! I think we're back in our groove now, it's just a matter of getting all these doggone suitcases unpacked. 

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