Monday, May 24, 2010

Warm-up Sunday

This is going to be such an exciting week! Today we watched a baptism at church, which gave us a really strong idea of what Robert's baptism is going to be like next Sunday. It's really nice! We've got to get the house clean, of course, but I'm really pleased about seeing my folks and M's folks, and letting them get a load of Robert. He's changed so much in a few months, and they're going to have a lot of fun with him now that he's smiling and laughing.

After church Robert and I went to Walgreens and did some shopping while M worked at school. I had to do a whole bunch of transactions, but I wound up spending 25 dollars for 95 dollars worth of stuff. That's more than I usually like to lay out in cash in a week, but it was a diaper transaction, which changes things. I got two packs of Size 3s, looking ahead, and a pack of swim diapers. Buying those not on sale would've been 30 dollars right there. In addition to the diapers, I got a bottle of extended-action Scrubbing Bubbles, some spray-on pain reliever, a tube of toothpaste, a big bottle of contact lens solution, a headband, two boxes of juice tubes, eight disposable razors, and my three newspapers for the week. Man, I miss the sale on newspapers! But I just dropped off a bag full of stuff for the food pantry today, so I have room to start stocking up again. Tomorrow: CVS!

We did splurge this evening, it was 91 degrees out and our apartment was really hot, so we went to Taco Bell and ordered off the dollar menu, no drinks. Five-fifty got both of us dinner, so it was just a little splurge, and very tasty. We also ran the AC for a couple of hours, at least until the house was dehumidified to habitability. I will miss our thirty-dollar-a-month electricity bills, but if we are careful and the weather doesn't stay quite this hot, hopefully we can keep it within reason. We certainly run the AC less than most of our neighbors!

Anyway, we had a patio picnic for dinner and put Robert in his umbrella stroller for it. The umbrella stroller came along as a free gift with our carseat, and right now it is basically Robert's patio chair. M and I sit in our chairs and strap Robert into the stroller, and it's easy and cool and all-weather durable. We like it! I posted an entire string of photos on Flickr for anyone who wants to see the rest.

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  1. We are excited to come this weekend! There is nothing like having your families and your church family share in this blessing for Robert. Our hotel room is reserved. Dad even checked for cheap flights. He found a really good deal but when he looked further he found that price was gone but he could get a flight for 3 times as much. Can anybody say "Bait and switch"? We will enjoy the drive though.

    I'm glad you are using your porch. My most recent memory of it is that it was pretty muddy in January from all the coming and going (I'd do it again in a heartbeat though I have to admit that you had the harder job!) Kiss Rob for me. Love Mimi


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