Saturday, May 29, 2010


Happy Boy
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M's folks are here! They arrived this afternoon, and were very taken with Robert. Of course, who wouldn't be? =) We spent some time at their hotel, just letting them play with him and hold him and get reacquainted. He was charming and smiley, even though the outfit I wanted him in for the meeting had been peed through half an hour before they even arrived. Ah well. My MIL and I went out shopping with Robert when he got fussy, knowing that the movement of car and cart would help him nap. We got 114 dollars worth of groceries for 47 dollars, a whole cartful of goodness. I am very pleased. Shopping with a buddy is more fun, and Melissa liked pushing the cart and hanging out with Robert while I scouted around.

We went out to dinner with them at our favorite Thai place. This place is amazing, they have the best crab rangoons I've ever tasted, and this amazing pad thai. Robert was good there, he didn't want to sit in his carseat, but he sat on my lap and played with the carved carrot flowers that decorated our plates. He did keep trying to stick his hand in my pad thai, but I stopped him in time. He'd have been sorry if he succeeded, because it was quite spicy, and baby can't resist putting his hand in his mouth! By the time we got home, he was super-duper tired, and just wanted to nurse and have a bottle and go to bed.

Right now it's nearly one am and I'm still up. I should go to bed, but for some stupid reason I have decided that I must pump two ounces tonight. I have pumped twice for very little result, but I've taken my medicine and have a big glass of water here and I'm going to try again. I'm afraid things are drying up for me, but I feel like I can't just let it go so easily. So I'll try once more and see if I can get anything else. It's not costing anything but some sleep. And tomorrow, we get more visitors!

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