Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Quick Post for Monday

It's Monday! I need to start posting these things earlier in the day, because I had all sorts of things to talk about this afternoon, but now I've forgotten them all and I just want to go to bed. Maybe next time. Robert and I had our long long day together today, and it was actually kind of fun. He ate a huge amount and slept quite a bit, but he was also very smiley and tried to devour his plush bird, which was quite funny. We watched some Fraggles and I made myself some Mexican rice and wrapped it in tortillas for lunch while he was napping. Good times. I got no work done, because M didn't get home till after seven, but that's the way it goes.

After M got home, he put Robert to bed, and I headed out to do all the shopping with the coupons I'd assembled throughout the day. Today's trips were to Target and to Meijer. I had a very good trip to Target, I got four boxes of 100-Calorie-Pack Ritz snacks, a trial size hair gel, a First Aid to Go kit and a cucumber melon body mist, all for three dollars. The cashier was really nice to me, too, and it made the whole evening better. Target can really be hit or miss at the checkstand, some cashiers there just aren't very good, but this guy was great. Liked him! Meijer wasn't running nearly as many sales as some other Meijers, which was kind of disappointing. Still, I persevered and used my coupons and got a six pound whole chicken, eight packs of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, two packs of buns, two containers of blackberries, and three highly caffeinated boxes of Crystal Lite tea tubes, all for 20 dollars. Not the best I've ever done, a savings of about 50%, but not bad for that much meat. I put the chicken and six packs of hot dogs in the freezer for later.

Tomorrow is Robert's four month appointment! Wish us luck! He is getting to be a little chubby boy, so that's very good news. And I'm still nursing and pumping, so here's hoping it pays off. And now, bedtime!

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