Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gateway to the Weekend

Today was a very busy day. We started out going to the colloquium at M's school, which he's been working on very hard all week. Robert and I sat in on his lecture about the zoo, which was quite interesting (in my humble non-historian opinion), then lit out because someone had run out of bottle and was getting restless. While we waited for the panel to be over, we went down to the food court, because I was very thirsty. The biggest fountain drink at Burger King, as it turns out, is two dollars and roughly the size of a bucket. I only managed to drink half of it, which was probably wise anyway. Robert was very popular at school, because he is so cute. His piercing shrieks could use a little modulation, though. I am not sure when he realized that those were the best way to get peoples' attention, but they have become his default cry these days. He generally goes from squeals to blowing rageberries (Robert blows raspberries when he is mad instead of whining), to the high pitched shrieks, and only then to actual sustained crying.

We ate lunch with M at school because hey, free lunch, then Robert and I went home. He had some very angry tummy time and took a little nap, while I looked at the new coupon book I got in the mail. It's one of those that you can buy every year that's full of coupons for local entertainment and restaurants and stuff. It started out at 35 dollars, but I got mine for five, with the caveat that most of it expires November 1. We're going to go to our favorite Greek place tomorrow and have buy one get one free entrees, so it will have already paid for itself. Nice! There's lots of BOGOF coupons in there that will make it much cheaper for us to go and do stuff this summer, so that's exciting.

When Robert was done with nap and food, we went back into the city to pick up M and go to church to meet with our pastor. Robert gets baptized next weekend, and we wanted to make sure we were all on the same page liturgically and logistically. We got there half an hour early because I misremembered the time, but it was okay. We got to swing on a porch swing and get a close up view of a thunderstorm without getting wet, and it was actually pretty nice. Robert ate a magazine. With that all taken care of, we headed home and got stuck in rush hour, bummer, then spent a long time trying to get our fussy boy to sleep. Sometimes when he won't sleep, I take him out of the crib and lay with him on the bed and sing to him while we cuddle. He likes it, but it didn't make him sleep tonight. Eventually he got up and got to Skype with me and a friend of mine and her baby, then he had another bottle and finally went to sleep. Oh, and I put the entertainment book to good use, I scheduled a portrait sitting for Robert at JC Penny. I'm going to put him in his baptism outfit and take in his blue and white blankie and see what they make of him. I have some coupons, each of which will give me a free 8x10 and 50% off pictures, and if I buy a club membership, we won't pay any sitting fees for two years. Might be worth it, you know how I feel about pictures of the baby. =D

I did neglect to post yesterday, I was just too doggone tired at the end of the day. Robert and I went to knitting over the lunch hour and saw all my friends, which was a good time. They love Robert, and he was good most of the time there. I don't get much knitting done when I'm holding him, but going to knitting is half for the socializing anyway. After that we went to the clinic, where we had a 2:20 appointment and got in at 3:20. Things went well though, so I'm pretty pleased. And now I am very, very tired, so it's time for some sleeping! Speaking of which, today's picture is one I had to sneak in and take while Robert was asleep, because I totally forgot. It did not wake him, but I only took one. No need to press my luck!

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  1. Hi Cori! Aunt Sue here-you have one awfully cute little boy there. Can't wait to see him again, although not sure when that will be! Happy baptism next week-always a special day! It is fun reading your blog-makes you seems closer somehow :) Take care-have a great week!


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