Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frustration Sets In

I forgot to post yesterday! Don't worry, I will give you two pictures today to make up for it. I have nothing to blame but my own brain wanting that much extra sleepytime. Well, that and the fact that I pumped four times yesterday evening to get a lousy four ounces. Tonight I pumped three times and didn't even get three. I am getting so sick and tired of pumping I cannot even express it without using words that would change the adult content rating of my blog. At the health department today they gave me two cans of formula to last us until my next WIC appointment on the 25th. By then we'll know for sure if there's any point in continuing with the partial breastfeeding plan, or if I should just go for the full formula plan vouchers. These days, when Robert is really hungry or upset, he won't even nurse at all. That's not a good sign. But I got my other supplements in the mail today, so now it's a full-court press to get my system jump started. If this doesn't do it, nothing will!

Work has also been frustrating lately. I need to get 20 hours per week, but there needs to be 20 hours worth of work to do! When I'm practically done with both my binders, but I can't turn them in because of one or two stragglers that I've run out of contact options for, what am I supposed to do? I can't get more work, I can't do anything about the work I have except pray for a miracle, and I still have to get the hours. Work slower, I guess, but that seems dishonest. I'm going at a pace I think lets me do a careful and thorough job, dawdling more than that just for more hours would be wrong. Though I may revisit that assessment if I get written up for not getting my hours because I had no work to do.

Oh, in other news, I went to Meijer today and took back the swimsuit I bought. The one I got at Catherine's was much cuter, and I don't need two. I got 48 dollars back, and spent 25 of it on groceries. I got pineapple and bananas, blackberries and strawberries, ham, turkey, bologna and bread for sandwiches, and some frozen ground turkey for our dinners. Oh, and I saw the sushi platters were 40% off, so I bought one of those, too. Ah, food sins. ;-) I saved 15 and spent 25, not bad for a trip where I had no coupons. And now I'm going to bed!

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