Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Four Month Checkup

Today was the big day, Robert is four months and one day old, and it was time for his four month checkup! I am  a slow learner, but I can be taught, and I scheduled a month ahead of time to make sure he'd actually be four months old and not four and a half months at his checkup this time. All the news is very good! Robert is just above average in height and head size, and has climbed back to the 25th percentile in weight, from below the fifth percentile two weeks ago! Go-go-baby chubby legs! The doctor says he looks and sounds really good, all his reactions are appropriate, and he should start rolling any time now.

We still need to keep supplementing with the formula, and the doctor said he didn't want to see Robert trying goat's milk while he's still underweight, but everything else is just ducky. He also said that we should be all right traveling with him in the un-air-conditioned car this June, so long as we use good common sense and take frequent breaks. He also gave us two more cans of formula to last us until my next WIC appointment. Now that we've realized we were going through it so quickly because M was superconcentrating Robert's bottles with twice as much powder as recommended, we should make this stuff last quite a bit longer.

The sad part of the appointment was of course the two shots, which are always such a trauma. Robert always seems so very shocked that someone would hurt him! Thus far in his small life, he has experienced discomfort and hunger, but little actual pain. He doesn't like it. He didn't cry as much this time as last time though, because I had a bottle right there for him. He calmed down quickly and was asleep by the time we got to the grocery store. Last night when I went shopping I totally forgot the WIC voucher, so we had to take care of that today, plus we picked up a few other sale items. Deli meat was on good sale for four dollars a pound sliced ham, turkey and mild cheddar. We will have lots and lots of sandwiches this week, excellent breakfasts and lunches when we are so busy. Between that and the milk, cheese, eggs, etc. from the voucher, we're set for food for a little while. This was the last of the big WIC vouchers, I think they get much smaller once you go to partial breastfeeding, but they were nice to have and kept me and Robert healthier.

After coming home from the appointment, I had to go to work. I heard from my boss that some of the questionnaires I turned in are no good and will have to be redone. She did not tell me why though, or what I did wrong, even when I asked. Apparently I will find out tomorrow. So who knows if anything I did today was even right? Not that I did well, I worked for four hours and didn't catch a  single blessed person home and willing to talk to me. I need a new binder really badly. I need to get rid of this job really badly. But I'll keep at it as long as I can stand it, because every paycheck is so good for our bottom line. Ugh. We'll see how the meeting tomorrow goes.

Anyway, work sucked, but how can I be too despondent when I can come home to a happy boy like the one in the picture? The shots don't seem to have affected him so far, aside from matching bandaids on each thigh, and Robert was in quite a good mood till almost bedtime. He loves his blankie. There's a whole bunch of new pictures on Flickr if you just can't get enough.

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