Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today as part of my straightening the house effort I did six loads of laundry. I really like these Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, they have the detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheet all in one mesh sheet like a really thick dryer sheet. You just toss one in the wash and leave it in for the dryer, and you're done. It's so much easier when I'm carrying all my laundry to the laundry room not to have to mess with bottles and remembering different things. Lighter weight, too! They're not cheap, though, so I'm keeping a close eye out for sales. I'm also keeping an eye on Robert's skin to make sure he can tolerate it, but he hasn't been at all rashy or itchy, so it looks good. M did all the dishes when he came home, because we are very industrious people that way.

After the wash was done and Robert and I both had a nap, we went out to Walmart. I was really lucky I decided to go today, because no one at the Health Department mentioned that they'd decided to only give me two days to redeem my first set of vouchers. If I'd waited till tomorrow, a third of my formula coupons would've been expired and we'd have been in big trouble. As it was, I got Robert his month's supply of formula, and then we went and got busy with coupons. Lots of free stuff today. I got a pack of Deluxe Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese, a bottle of mayonnaise made with olive oil, three packs of pantiliners, and two 10-packs of pens, all for no money. With coupons, I got two bacon-wrapped beef fillets for .97, two womens' deodorant sticks for .50 each, two canisters of Ovaltine for .75 each, a can of Reddi Whip for .67, and two bottles of mustard for .70 each. Then I also had to get eight pounds of ground turkey, five pounds of birdseed, two cases of pop because it was on really good sale for less than $4 per case, and a Mylar balloon for Robert, since his old one finally bit the dust. The total after sales and coupons was 33 dollars, nearly two thirds of which was turkey, birdseed, and balloon. I used the last of my Walmart gift cards and wound up paying six dollars out of pocket. A good trip!

For supper tonight, I made the deluxe macaroni and the bacon-wrapped fillets, a dinner that cost a grand total of probably 1.75, if I include the olive oil, the butter, and the milk usedf in preparation. It was great. Robert was tired, but in a super-cute mood, and when he eventually went to bed, he went down pretty easily. M took the picture of him during his last bottle of the day. I know it looks bigger than his head, but I swear it is only four ounces. =) He's a hungry little guy.

After he was down, I messed around on the internet for awhile (shocking, I know) and bought the day's deal on Groupon. I don't know if you've heard of Groupon before, but it's basically a site where every day there is a deal from a local business, and if enough people sign up for that deal, it goes "live" and you can actually buy it as a coupon and use it. It's pretty cool. Today's Cincinnati deal was for a $39 summer car maintenance from Car-X, with an oil change, new wipers, tire rotation, air conditioner inspection, and all over car-check. Good deal, since that's what we've been paying just for the oil change around here. Unfortunately, Groupon is only in big cities, but it might be worth checking out if you like to go to Chicago or something like that, because most of the coupons are valid for six months or a year. I could envision collecting a bunch of groupons for restaurants, hotels and entertainment and going in and making a weekend of it or something. (Just as a disclaimer, that link up there is my referral link, so if someone clicks on it and joins, then eventually buys a Groupon, I get a gift card. FYI.) So far I've gotten a 70% off massage coupon, half price tickets to the Cincinnati butterfly garden, and this Car-X package.

Oh! Another exciting thing happened today! Aunt Allie bought Robert the pool float I was admiring last week, the froggie one, and some swim diapers, and they arrived in the mail today. I immediately made myself dizzy inflating the float, and it's just as cute as in the pictures. The timing is awesome, too, since we have access to a pool starting this weekend. I can't wait to get him into the water and see what he thinks. Thanks, Aunt Allie! =D

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