Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day Nearly Off

Ah, Saturday! Saturdays have a sort of different meaning when you're not regularly employed, but this one was still very nice. This morning Robert woke at six, but M woke up with him and gave him the bottle, allowing me to sleep in for two amazing more hours. Wonderful! At eight, I woke up and took over baby duties so M could have a nice long morning nap, and thus both of us got some lovely extra sleep. The funny thing is, even after each of us had our extra sleep, it was still only ten o'clock, an hour that in my old life I would be skeptical of waking up by on a Saturday. How times have changed! But I'm still really happy about it.

Robert drank roughly a million bottles today and was not very interested in nursing. I think it's probably because it's so hot. I can only nurse him in the football hold, and while that's a cozy hold when it's chilly, in hot weather, we both end up sweaty and sticky. But he sure is hungry! He got lots of exercise today, I put him down on his tummy and on his back a lot to stretch those little muscles, plus he did some time in the jumparoo. It's hard sometimes to decide how much time I should leave him alone for, especially when he's fussing about it. He doesn't like being left alone on the floor too much, and he really doesn't like being left on his tummy, but I know it's good for him. How will he ever roll and sit and creep if he's always strapped into a swing or chair or sitting on my lap? I think I feel even more guilty because the times when he's on the floor are the times I can get stuff done, or even just check my email without someone drooling on the trackpad. He seems to be well-enough adjusted so far, if his big gummy smiles and general sociability are any indication, so I'm trying not to worry about it. I figure there have to be parents way worse than me who have raised okay kids, right?

Anyway, aside from mild parental neuroses, it was a quiet day. We had lunch at our favorite Greek place, which I had the coupon for. Our meals of giant gyros with extra yogurt sauce, big servings of lemon pepper fries, and soft drinks came to a total of ten dollars. Can't beat it with a stick, I'm telling you. M went in to school and worked for most of the afternoon on his paper again. I'm glad he could do that instead of having to stay here and work and juggle Robert. The further out I get from quitting day, the happier I am about it, seriously. Tonight for supper I thought we'd have spaghetti squash with butter and garlic, but when I cut open the squash, I found it had actually sprouted and was full of what looked like giant bean sprouts growing from the seeds. Super-weird! It wasn't that old, either, I think I got it two weeks ago, which is not that long in squash years. Anyway, we had acorn squash instead, which is quite good with butter and brown sugar.

M took today's picture while he and Robert were playing the blanket burrito game. It's really funny to watch Robert squirm out of the blanket after being wrapped up, and how proud he is of himself. It's certainly not a game I ever would've thought of, but Robert and Daddy play it often. It's very cute.

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