Saturday, May 8, 2010

Counting People

Another long day, another post made while very tired. But I got my 20 hours in for the work week, so I'm not in trouble. Go me! Yesterday I was sweltering, wandering around in 85 degree weather. Today I had to toss on a windbreaker to work in temps that never got above 55. Brrr! Thanks a lot, Kentucky! It was a productive day, though, between yesterday and today I got a ton of questionnaires completed, about half my new assignment. The rest will be harder to get, but I'm still hopeful. It would be easier if we could get maybe three binders at a time, so we could be running down the last couple holdouts on one, shaking the trees for the hard-to-get last dozen on a second, and plucking the low-hanging fruit on a third. I don't know how people can get eight hours a day from this job, I went out six and a half yesterday and covered my whole new binder. Maybe I'm going too fast.

Anyway, M and Robert had a good day, M watched Robert while I worked all afternoon, and in the morning we took turns with him so we each got a well-deserved Saturday morning nap. Robert also took a very fine nap, something he is getting much better about now that he is so well-fed. I've started nursing him again while he's awake, because it's so much less painful. I'm still doing what the doctor says, though, I nurse him and then give him a bottle, so we're sure he's still getting enough to eat. Robert likes it that way too, even if he doesn't get a lot to eat, he likes to nurse especially when he's sleepy. I found some mother's milk tea that actually tastes like something I would voluntarily drink, and though it is (like everything else surrounding breastfeeding) quite expensive, I am happy about it. I keep reminding myself that even a few ounces a day is still good, it's still important.

Oh, and I bought a swimsuit today. I was out at Meijer to try and get more pizza rolls (they were out, but I got some personal pizzas for fifty cents each, not bad,) and my mom called. The conversation turned to swimming while I wandered through the women's department so as not to be on the phone at checkout, and I found that Meijer had a couple of suits that are actually my size! Quite unusual! I tried on a couple of tankinis and found one that fit. It's not exactly flattering, but that's too much to ask of a swimsuit at this size, really. I just want something that covers enough and lets me get in the water. I can't wait to take Robert in the pool! Tomorrow I'm going to go to Catherines and see if they have anything nicer that I can buy with my gift card, but I bought this one in the interim, just in case. As long as it's unused, I can take it back, and I didn't want to risk it not being there if I need it.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and that should be fun. M has bought me a nice present, and has promised that I shall have some peaceful hours to myself as well, which sounds just lovely. I may do the same thing I did on my birthday, have a nap and a bubble bath. Sounds lovely! At church tomorrow, I've been asked to read the original Mother's Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe, which should be pretty neat. It's been a long time since I've done a reading in public, but this is a good one. I've practiced it a couple of times, just to get the feel of it. It's cool to be really getting involved in a church again. I really like it. Speaking of which, I was going to leave out a bag of food for the mailman's food drive today, but I totally forgot. Well, I can take my stuff to church for the food pantry, anyway. It all goes where it's needed!


  1. As someone from KY may I apologize for the sometimes unpredictable weather. I remember once it was in the low 50s/40s in June when I was in elementary school.

  2. Strange weather here too..55 today..expect 85 on Thursday.....Take care.


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