Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking the Baby for a Test Drive

It was another early-rising day for the baby, but at least this time he didn't add in a middle-of-the-night feeding to go with it. M and I took turns with him in the early hours, so each of us got just that little bit of extra sleep that makes the  difference between zombie and human. While M was at school, Robert and I walked to the thrift store. I realized when I got the box of 3-6 month old clothes out of the closet that many of the really, really cute outfits he has simply do not take into account the possibility that it would be 80 degrees in April. The thrift store had some super cute shorts and short-sleeved onesies that will help pad out his warm-weather wardrobe, and at fifty cents per item, you can't beat the price. I also picked up a few more dime romances that in fact did cost a dime. I love the thrift store. While I looked around, one of the volunteer ladies gladly held onto Robert so I could browse, which helped. I haven't been able to find the Moby wrap since we came back from our trip, and I am beginning to suspect it got left in my folks' car. Super bummer. That and my phone cord seem to have been the main casualties of that trip. Well, Memorial Day is coming soon enough, I guess.

After M got home from school, we decided to do an experiment. My birthday is next week, as most of you probably know, and we always go out to Red Lobster for a nice dinner. It is my favorite, and we have gift cards! But  we don't know if Robert will stand for it. To test drive him, we went out to a lower-pressure venue, the Golden Corral. It's not a cheap restaurant, though it's cheaper than Red Lobster, but the food is good, and most especially, it is fast. It is a buffet place where you pay up front and get your food yourself, so if the baby started freaking out, we wouldn't have to wait for the check or anything like that. But he did well. We set him on the table in his carrier and took turns getting our food, and he played with his toy and looked around and chilled out  while we ate. He got a little bored and fussy towards the end, mostly because he was getting hungry. I think if I'd had a bottle with me, we'd have made it through even longer. But it was a good test, and a really nice meal, and a great way to start the weekend. Eating out is such a treat.

And tonight I pestered M into giving me one of my birthday presents early, because the teapot I ordered for myself arrived broken and had to be sent back. He eventually bent and gave it to me, much to my delight. He got me Cake Wrecks , the book written by the writers of one of my favorite blogs, also called Cake Wrecks. It's all about disastrously bad professional cakes, and it is hilarious. I had forgotten she had a book out, and have spent most of the evening reading it. We got some rain that broke the hot weather, thank goodness, so we're still not turning on the air conditioning. Go us! =)

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